Melissa Ashley just had heart surgery last week.

Posted on July 20, 2009


Melissa Ashley in the hospital

Melissa first started in the adult industry in 1998 when she was 18-years-old. She had been mistaken for a minor several times where her images were thought to be child porn. She successfully testified for the defense in some of those cases while giving evidence leading to other charges being dropped.

Three months ago, Melissa had written on her website how she needed to have a complete hysterectomy after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer back in 2007. Now she went back into the hospital last week but for heart surgery. Her heart had stopped beating her first night there. She’s home now and is seeing a cardiologist.

This is Melissa’s latest update on her Myspace blog via Dean Wormer at xxxporntalk:

    Saturday, July 18, 2009

    Outta the hospital…

    Current mood: crappy

    Whew, I’m finally home from the hospital! OMG, those few days were probably the worst I’ve ever experienced… Painful and so, so scary!

    I went into the ER last week (Thursday) feeling awful; I was sick in my tummy, feelin’ weak and I kept passing out for a few minutes at a time. They did some tests and found there was something wrong with my heart, like only half of it was working right. They explained how your heart has 4 chambers and not all of mine were functioning. So they admitted me to do some tests and find out what was wrong.

    Sometime during the first night I was there, my heart stopped beating. They got it started again, moved me into the ICU and immediated put in a temporary pacemaker, to make sure that wasn’t gonna happen again. They put a huge, long plastic catheter into my jugular vein in my neck, going all the way down into my heart. Then they fed some wires and stuff down the tube and secured them with some weird-ass balloon thingy. The wires led out to a temporary pacemaker that was just hanging their with all my other IV equipment. They thought they might have to put in a permenant one, but after monitoring me without any further incident they decided they didn’t need to.

    So they let me come home late Wednesday night. And now I’m here at home resting and recovering and waiting for my appointment with the heart doctor. We don’t know what happened to my heart or what’s wrong with it… I gotta start seeing this cardiologist so we can figure all that out.

    I’m supposed to be on complete bedrest all weekend, so I’m gonna close this blog for now. I wanted to update ya’ll on my situation; it was terrifying but I’ll be okay. Here’s a pic of me in ICU from a few days ago. I look shitty, but it’s real.

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