Demi Delia is mother of the year.

Posted on August 17, 2009


Demi Delia Chris Brandi


Demi Delia is upset at Cindi at LukeIsBack and refuses to talk to her and even blocked her on Twitter all for promoting her new online (hahahaha) reality show. Why you might ask? At first I thought she didn’t want the added attention it might bring since Michelle Braun recently plead guilty and will serve no prison time for her testimony while people like Demi, Derek Hay/Ben English, and Lexxi Tyler will serve serious prison time for all the illegal activity happening at LA Direct.

But the reason why Demi is probably upset at Cindi might be because of what others have said against her at LukeIsBack. I got to thinking why would Demi be upset now against Cindi when Cindi has interviewed her before. Look at these posts from 2008 until now. 2008 because that’s when Cindi bought LIB. Cindi even interviewed Demi after Randy Spears divorced her. Is Demi hating Cindi now because of the comments??

Demi told Cindi on Twitter that she would never talk to her but there is an exclusive interview Cindi did with Demi. Porners always scream about freedom of speech. But when someone says something negative about them, they want it censored. It doesn’t work that way.

Unless Demi wants to pay Cindi’s bills, then who is she to now be hating on Cindi because of who comments there? Because the only thing I can think of as to why this sudden turnaround is because Cindi bought LIB and inherited the people who comment there. Cindi could have asked the obvious questions to Demi when interviewing her but she didn’t and played nice. And this is how Cindi is repayed??

For some unknown reason, someone at Sony gave Demi this new online reality show ‘Mommy XXX’. Instead of picking a real porn star and a real mother to better represent the porn industry, someone was asleep at the wheel at Sony and picked someone who represents everything that is wrong with this industry. This is also the same woman that released her own press release admitting that she’s a prostitute sending out an even bigger flag to the FBI to come and get her.

Below I’ve done a recap of the first nine episodes. The episodes are only about 5 minutes long (hahahaha). She lives in a nice big home and better than 99% of the women in porn and from the women she pimps at LA Direct. Hopefully the IRS will be watching this and finally come down on her. Rapper Jermaine Dupre was busted by the IRS after he appeared on MTV’s Cribs. They saw how he lived and went after him for the millions he hadn’t paid in taxes. Let’s cross our fingers and hope the same fate, and worse by the FBI, happens to Demi and friends soon.

You can watch the videos that are out so far at either or Youtube.

1 ) Demi gets her 11th breast implant surgery. Seriously! Her kids hate it and her son says it’s a waste of time and money to just fuck yourself up.

2 ) Demi is still recovering from her surgery. Satan himself Derek Hay/Ben English shows up. He wanted her to get even bigger implants. At least a thousand cc’s.

3 ) Her son says porn stars are disgusting people. He hates porn stars, they have no morals, are nasty, and carry diseases. Says how his mother threw an Easter party at the house and porn stars were having sex in the backyard.

Mom wants to break in her kids early! Maybe uncle Derek can start training them!! Have child services been called to her house when she has sex parties where her children are present during holidays??

Randy Spears was over and he and Demi shot their first sex scene together since their divorce. Is the FBI looming in on Demi the reason why Randy divorced her? Why should he destroy his reputation for her?! And was that scene shot in the home she lives in with her children??

4 ) It’s Demi’s birthday. She turned 75-years-old. Since her son hates porn stars, he wanted the usual family birthday party for his mother and not with her friends that he hates. But since Demi only cares for herself, she insists on making her son’s life more unbearable. She then asks her UNDERAGE son if he wanted her to sneak him into the club where her party was being held. You know, the same club that we all know will have drug use and alcohol consumed & sex in every corner. He said he didn’t want to go to a club and she asked why. He said he doesn’t like going to clubs. But mother of the year could care less.

Her son said he hates when porn stars are around because they make it into a sex party. Demi then says her underage son is just being difficult. Her daughter says she doesn’t like anyone in the industry and her mother’s friends are idiots. So the kids left. Her daughter said Demi didn’t come home until the next following night.

The birthday cake is of giant boobs. Satan says happy birthday to his best friend.

5 ) The kids want to save pitbulls and visit Jennifer Pryor, Richard Pryor’s wife. at Pryor’s Planet. Demi’s kids are holding signs out on the street for people to adopt pitbulls. They raised about $150 in donations. One police officer adopted a pitbull.

6 ) Demi drags her daughter Brandi to her first gynecological exam. Demi thinks because of her own lifestyle, that must mean her daughter is sleeping with every boy she meets too. Demi’s son Chris doesn’t want his sister to be getting the birth control pill. The girl is still a virgin but mother of the year must think her daughter is a bigger hooch than she is. Brandi says she doesn’t know why she’s there.

Demi told the doctor she (Demi) gets tested every month. She shot the doctor the evil eye when the doctor said her profession might make it difficult to tell her daughter to hold off from having sex. Remember, this is the same “mother” that holds sex parties at their home during Easter.

Demi said the doctor was talking in fairy tales and talking to her daughter like she was 10. She says it wasn’t realistic. But coming from Demi, she probably expects her daughter to have shot her first amateur porn by now with the entire highschool football team.

7 ) A psychic visits the house. Demi won’t meet a man for a few years. Yay!

Carly Parker was confused and couldn’t understand her own reading. What a surprise.

8 ) My favorite episode. Shows what disgusting people they all are except for the kids and Randy Spears.

Everyone goes bowling. Carly Parker starts judging everyone as soon as they walk in and says everyone at the bowling alley are all poor.

Steven Knight is disgusted by his bowling shoes because of how many people’s feet have been in them (hahahahaha) and it’s disgusting. Alanah Rae refuses to wear her shoes because she didn’t want to put her feet in those shoes (lolololol).

Carly says the people there are so different and from another planet. That they are the poor people of America. She says people were staring at them because of how “attractive” they all are. Couldn’t be because there’s a camera crew following you?? She then takes off her bra. I can’t imagine why Demi’s children hate their mother’s porn friends. Maybe because they embarrass the kids wherever they go?!

9 ) It’s Brandi’s 15th birthday party. Parents actually allowed their children over Demi’s home. Not because she does porn. Of course not. But because of what happens in that house, the type of person Demi is, and the danger that surrounds her.

One of her daughter’s friends say her parents don’t care what Brandi’s mother does. They only know she does porn. They don’t know the extent of what Demi really does and how the FBI are watching her and her co-workers at LA Direct. No one is arrested for just being in a porn movie anymore. But they are arrested for what Demi does and has allowed to happen at LA Direct to all the women that work there.

Demi’s children think all mommy does is being a porn “star”. They’ll be in for a rude awakening in the coming future; or if they were smart enough to Google their mother’s name and read the porn blogs & forums.

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