Why is everyone blaming Jayme Langford and not Jenna Haze too?

Posted on November 26, 2008




Last week word had gotten out that Jayme Langford had retired from porn after not showing up for her “Bree’s Big Screw Review” shoot. Jenna Haze was suppose to show as well but called in sick at the last minute. DCypher was directing the movie and he wasn’t really convinced of Jenna’s illness but had to accept it.

But Jayme never retired. All she did was leave LA Direct and they in return put out that she retired so to try to ruin her reputation in the industry.

DCypher has every right to be upset after two girls didn’t show for the movie he’s directing. But we never heard of any problems with Jayme until after she just recently signed with LA Direct. LA Direct has been rumored to have a long history of allegedly destroying women: porn stars, escorts, and models. They are to blame for this, not Jayme. Jayme says the shoot was booked through LA Direct even though she was not taking any more work from them.

Why would anyone believe anything Derek Hay or any of the people working for him at LA Direct with their history of allegedly abusing women? Jayme left her former agency because she wasn’t getting enough work. The girl wants to work! And she has come across as real nice and professional since entering the business. So why would she now do a complete attitude turnaround if there wasn’t a legitimate reason? The problems started after she got to LA Direct. Blame them, not her.

As of this second, LA Direct still has Jayme listed on their website.

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From AdultFYI:

Jayme Langford issues the following statement: “We (DCypher) have never met and I was not told about the shoot when I was booked. The shoot was booked through la direct even though I was not taking any more work through them.

“I did not flake, I never agreed to the shoot in the first place and
I love Adam and eve and think they are a great company. I had
discontinued working through la direct,” said Jayme.

“You do not know me or what happened. I’m not trying to disrespect anyone, but if you are going to personally attack me and try to hurt my reputation then all I can say is “fuck you DCypher”. Consider this my formal apology.”

Adds David Samms, Langford’s p.r. rep: “This is a problem between DCypher and L.A. Direct Models. Jayme Langford is not a part of this equation.”

From AdultFYI:

Apparently AVN wants to interview Jayme Langford about what happened last week. What happened last week was that Langford, scheduled to work for Adam & Eve, conveyed the impression that she was no longer in the business and didn’t do the shoot.

But days later Langford was working for another company. Langford’s willing to cast it all on LA Direct and went so far as to say, through her p.r. rep David Samms, that LA Direct was unable to provide her with the “professional representation” she had been used to receiving.

My talk with Bud Lee at LA Direct last week gave the impression that the agency was willing to go along with Langford provided she live up to several previous commitments. But Langford didn’t, according to Lee.

Director DCypher, whose shoot Langford stood up, feels someone’s missing the point.

“I find it amazing that she’s still talking about Direct Models,” says Cypher.

“In order to burn Direct Models for $100, she fucked me over? That doesn’t even make sense. What damage this will do her career is negligible. She’s hot and people will hire her. But I think she owes me an apology, Bree Olson and Adam & Eve. I haven’t even begun to get mad about this. But every time I turn around and read that it’s Direct Models’ fault that she knowingly blew my shoot off, I get angrier and angrier.”

Cypher had a chat with Samms recently and suggested that Langford might want to consider making a public apology. Otherwise, Cypher says he finds the situation very amusing. Cypher says he also gets the impression that Langford doesn’t think too much of either him, Olson or Adam & Eve.

“And it doesn’t matter to her that she flaked.”

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