Jayme Langford retires??

Posted on November 19, 2008



Is Derek Hay responsible for this?? Everytime I hear something horrible happen to an LA Direct girl or retiring early, I think he’s responsible and did something horrible to cause it. It’s not the first time. It was announced only two months ago that Jayme had just singed with LA Direct. Now she’s retiring from porn all together.

From AdultFYI:

    Porn Valley- DCypher’s on his way to the Van Nuys Studio Wednesday morning when he gets the first of the double wazoo.

    Cypher‘s told that Jenna Haze, Jules Jordan’s girlfriend, is “sick” and can’t make this big shoot which is scheduled for Adam & Eve over the next two days and which Cypher’s directing.

    Cypher, now trying to find a replacement, isn’t exactly convinced this is an authentic illness but has to accept the story at face value. After all, Haze must be coming down with something genuinely prohibitive to miss a shoot like this.

    On paper it sounds pretty good. In a project titled, Bree’s Big Screw Review, Bree Olson and Jayme Langford play Siskel & Ebert-types, and they’re supposed to be critiquing sex movies [which have been shot especially for it].

    But the mention of Langford is the second barrel of the gun that went to Cypher’s head after he gets to the studio. Cypher tailored and wrote this part with Langford, a redhead, in mind. Cypher likes redheads. Now, all of a sudden, Langford has decided she wants to quit the porn business. Today of all days. Cypher‘s got to come up with another girl.

    Story in progress….

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