Carmen Luvana retiring at the end of this year.

Posted on January 2, 2008


Carmen Luvana


Video announcing retirement.

Adam & Eve contract star Carmen Luvana has announced that 2008 will be her last year performing in adult movies. Luvana has starred in numerous blockbusters for Adam & Eve Pictures.

“Yes, 2008 will be my last year in the adult industry, and for the time that I have left in the industry, you will only see me work and do appearances for [the company that] has been like a family to me, which is Adam & Eve,” Luvana wrote on “There are many reasons why I am leaving, the main one is I am already 26 and have been in the industry for six years. I do not want to be known [as] the girl [fans] are tired of seeing and that has been in the industry way too long.”

Adam & Eve Vice President of Sales Peter Reynolds confirmed Luvana’s retirement at the end of next year. The company has no immediate plans for projects involving her, but Reynolds said, “everything was on the table.”

Luvana has been a ubiquitous presence for the Adam & Eve brand. She’s attended many trade shows, fan conventions and store signings on behalf of the company, not to mention all the high-profile movies she’s starred in.

“We support Carmen in anything she does and we want what’s best for her,” Reynolds told XBIZ. “She will always be a big part of the Adam & Eve family. We feel very strongly about her.”

The Puerto Rico-raised Luvana entered the businesss in 2001 and made her first hardcore appearance in an Ed Powers’s feature.

“I have always believed that a girl should retire before people instead of praising her, start complaining about how old she is,” Luvana said. “I have done what I needed to do and [it’s] now time for me to do even better, which is [to] invest my money wisely so I can live comfortable, which I have been doing and will continue to do. For 2008 I will still do a lot of projects with Adam & Eve but it will be my last year, so [in] 2009 Carmen Luvana will be 100-percent gone.”


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