So whatever happened to Catalina?

Posted on January 29, 2009




I had always wondered what happened to Catalina who dated Max Hardcore and co-starred with him in his movies. I’ve heard stories and rumors that she died, Max killed her, and she was in a mental hospital. It seems that yes she was in a mental hospital. I heard the rumor that Max drove her insane but also Max asked the blogs and websites to not run the story that she had been committed.

But my readers have come to the rescue! Harvey Dent wondered if her family had her committed. While iwasthere says Tod Hunter saw her dancing in Ventura Cty last year. Harvey also goes on to say:

    That is what I heard, allegely her family got notice of her escapades with Mr Little, managed to declare her mentally incompetent, put her into a clinic, she got out and made the deal to remain stripping but out of porn.
    BTW she posted in XPT? Or was a fake ID?

I tried finding anything on Catalina over at AdultFYI and found this on Max:

    Asked what was going on with Catalina, Max said she was out of the picture.

    “She kind of ran it to the end and got tired of it, like people get tired of their work and their jobs. She said, fuck it, I want to do something else. And she went on and is now doing something else- I guess.”

    Wankus wondered if working for Max took a mental toll on her.

    “Everything is possible,” Max replied. “A cow flying over the moon is possible. That don’t mean it’s likely.”

    Max acknowledged that Catalina was one of the dirtiest girls around and was great. But Wankus couldn’t believe that she tried to charge him for a blow job.

    “That pissed me off.”

    Max said that’s because Catalina’s a working girl and that comes natural to them.

    “Cat was a handful but we traveled all over the world and had a great time.”

Picture Source: LukeIsBack

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