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Max Hardcore is already in prison.

January 2, 2009


Opinion/Editorial I haven’t read anything anywhere saying he already surrendered to authorities. I would think Max of all people would make this grande theatrical exit. Max leaving quietly? Shocking! Thank you to iwasthere for leaving this comment: iwasthere Says: January 1, 2009 He went in early December. I don’t know the date. Its surprising he […]

Shelley Lubben had surgery New Year’s Eve.

January 2, 2009


Shelley checked into the hospital New Year’s Eve morning. She is having three procedures done. Her doctor is doing a scope on her uterus to check for cancer because he is concerned about Shelley’s heavy bleeding which lasts for long periods of time. Her last menstrual cycle lasted a month. She’ll no longer have her […]

Update on Sophie Perez: Lola Cait faked Sophie’s death.

January 2, 2009


Opinion/Editorial Brian from Giirlzinc says he knew of the Myspace page but never had access to it. The page was used to recruit new girls for Giirlzinc. And he’s trying to now get the page deleted (still hasn’t). The one behind this whole hoax is Lola Cait. You shouldn’t have let others run a […]

In John Holmes news …..

January 2, 2009


Gram Ponante has named John as the Comeback of the Year. His movies have been re-released this year and the first biography on John was also released by authors Jill Nelson and Jennifer Sugar, “John Holmes, a Life Measured in Inches”. Gram has also named the biography as the best book of 2008. Three of […]

Vicky Vette: Top Ten New Years Resolutions I Would Make For the Adult Industry

January 2, 2009


Full list after the jump. From Vicky’s Myspace blog: Ok, who am I to talk… I am a willing participant and staunch supporter of the adult industry and the industry does an awesome job with self regulation. Free Speech & the First Amendment are incredible and awesome tools but also abused. As some of you […]

Does the world really need a $1,400 vibrator?

January 2, 2009


From Contact Music: Former Eurythmics star Dave Stewart is hoping to spice up fans’ sex lives in the new year 2009 with a new $1,400 diamond-encrusted vibrator. The Little Steel Tonight sex toy features “a satin finish” and a band of 28 diamonds. The odd gift comes with a plectrum, and the lyrics of Stewart’s […]

Did Jenna Jameson ever date Tom Brady?

January 2, 2009


I was trying to find any new news on Jenna and Google News is flooded with Jenna’s name dropped in a Tom Brady story as an ex-girlfriend. I never heard they dated. Was this before, during, or after husband Jay? The story is about Tom Brady not being engagegd to girlfriend Gisele Bundchen. It lists […]