So what’s next for the $750-an-hour prostitute Hanna Hilton?

Posted on November 19, 2008


Hanna Hilton is a whore


According to Hanna Hilton, anyone who doesn’t support convicted rapists doesn’t have a life. While her own life should be spent raising her son but she rather run around with criminals and rapists because her own selfish needs are greater than the safety and well being of her child.

Instead of thinking about raising her son, Hanna Hilton and her friends rather go on porn blogs and Myspace blaming the woman Jack Venice was convicted of raping. The victim was “drunk and high” they say. No she wasn’t. She drank that night like so many others with her friends and then went back to their sorority and went to sleep. The woman then woke up to find Jack in her room.

Do Hanna and Kelli drink? I’m sure it will be perfectly fine then for someone to break into their rooms when they’re both asleep and rape them both and later have the whores in their lives blame them for everything that happened, right? Not every woman are sluts like you two. Just because Hanna is a vile, low class, unfit mother who allows rapists near her child doesn’t mean every woman out there lives the same lifestyle as she does.

The rape victim pointed to Jack in court and said she’ll never forget that face. The DNA did not exclude Jack and his accomplice. It was just inconclusive. Meaning it could still be his DNA. Jack was NEVER ruled out. The test was just inclusive. But you’re a dumb uneducated blonde Hanna. Anything having to do with science is all alien to you.

Why did Jack rent a car and drive 300 miles to that town? He was not there on Shane’s World business. He was there on his own. He went there to rape and thought he could slip out of town quickly without anyone noticing. Every woman in that town that Jack approached turned him down that night. Jack and his accomplice also tried breaking into several fraternities and sororities while thrown out of a fraternity because Jack exposed himself. So because Jack’s ego was bruised and he was being turned down by every woman in town, thrown out of all the parties, kicked out of a fraternity for exposing himself, and the “I am an amateur porn star” line wasn’t working, he found one sorority to break into and rape a sleeping woman because sleeping women can’t say no.

Hanna and her friends are also under the impression that rape is only when raped by a penis. So if a man or woman is raped with something other than a penis, it’s not really rape according to Hanna Hilton and her friends. Though DNA was found at the crime scene. Why don’t Hanna and Kelli try reading a newspaper or watching the evening news instead of Disney cartoons and see the big bad world that’s out there and how men and women are raped everyday with something other than a penis.

The “business” that Hanna claims she had with Jack is probably recruiting young women into prostitution and porn. Because Jack was a recruiter for LA Direct. Who do you think introduced Hanna to porn:

    She decided to do hardcore when her porn talent boyfriend, Jack Venice, refused to stop doing scenes. “I said, ‘If you’re going to do it I might as well too.'”

    Her first two hardcore appearances were with Venice for Brazzers, and he also partnered her in the very first scene she shot for Vivid. Venice, she says, is “fine” with her doing hardcore. “But I still hate it that he does it. I’m the hypocrite in this whole thing.”

Hanna has a great body but I never thought she had the look for being a Vivid Girl. She doesn’t look good with short hair and looks rather mannish in candids when someone else did not prep her for the night. She is no natural beauty. I’m not either but I’m not the one defending rapists and exposing my child to criminals.

Vivid has been slipping for years in the talent pool. How else explain their two latest contract girls Hanna and Nikki Jayne? But they got their contracts because of who they’re sleeping with. Hanna is dating Jack who is an LA Direct recruiter. Derek Hay runs LA Direct. Derek is good friends with Vivid owner Steven Hirsch. Nikki Jayne is engaged to Derek Hay. Again, Derek is good friends with Vivid owner Steven Hirsch. See the pattern? Next you’ll be telling me that AVN plays fair and that the AVN Awards are given to people who really deserve to win!!

Now that Jack is in prison, Hanna has to keep on defending him or she might be out of her contract at Vivid. Because why keep someone around when she was only there as a favor to Derek Hay? Or maybe she’ll slither her way towards Derek because he and Nikki Jayne have been having problems and postponed their wedding. Trading in one criminal for another is nothing new with Hanna. She also needs a new uncle for her son and that extra paycheck every week because I can’t imagine what this whore does with the thousands of dollars she makes a month from porn, Vivid appearances, and prostitution.

But Jack and Hanna will never last. She’ll find someone else with more money and/or better looking. And Jack will find a younger, prettier, thinner, and bigger doormat than Hanna.

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