Anastasia Blue died July 19, 2008.

Posted on September 27, 2008


From Gram Ponante:

Porn star Anastasia Blue, 28, who stopped performing several years ago to settle down in Bremerton, Washington, has died.

Blue, to whom a tribute was printed by her husband in Washington’s Kitsap Sun (under her real name), died on July 19.

In April of last year I was sent a re-released copy of Max Hardcore’s Hollywood Hardcore 7, (originally filmed and released in 1999 when Blue was 18), and wondered who Blue was. The article I wrote sparked a lively debate concerning shady agents and vitaligo.

Someone claiming to be Anastasia Blue even wrote in, saying that she had left the business seven years ago to get off drugs and that she was living a peaceful life “on the water” in Washington (the obituary said she worked at a marine construction firm). It sounded true enough, and I decided not to pursue it. The comment was left in May of this year, two months before the woman formerly known as Anastasia Blue died.

On July 22, an anonymous poster (who earlier had confirmed Blue’s birthdate) wrote to say she had passed away three days before. No one responded to confirm, but later comments to that story backed up the anonymous poster’s assertion that she had died. “Not of natural causes,” one poster said. “Drugs” another said.

Seemingly to that end, the picture supplied with the obituary reveals a still-beautiful woman, Slavic in features, but the choice of picture seems like it might have been the best choice out of a poor group. It doesn’t seem to be a happy picture.

I have deliberately not associated Blue’s real name with this porn site, and her family requests that they be left alone. But Blue’s fans will miss the person her husband described as “a wild and free spirit with an intensity and zest that could never be tamed,” and we can close the book on wondering where she is.

The sleuthing was done by a young man who calls himself Serf Tewl who is a presence on many adult chatboards and who says he “has a knack for tracking down lost porn stars.” Indeed, he dug up photos of Blue when she was performing under her actual maiden name and received initial confirmation under a strange quid pro quo agreement with a man named Killray.

From Genesis Online:

As first reported by, it is confirmed that Anastasia Blue passed away back on July 19th at her home in Washington State. Here is her obituary that ran in a local paper. The official cause of death is unknown, but several message board postings at various sites have said that they were not natural. We have omitted her name to keep the family’s wishes of privacy, as well as their names.

Where do you start? Vibrant, Enthusiastic, Energetic, Dynamic. She was a wild and free spirit with an intensity and zest that could never be tamed. She lived life like every day was her last. She did more in her 28 years than most people do in a lifetime.

She will be greatly missed by her best friend and husband, her mother; sisters, goddaughter, and brothers.

She loved playing with her dogs. She loved flowers, potting plants, camping, partying with friends, hanging with her sisters eating sammichky, the tv show “Notorious” and any other gory tv shows, “America’s Next Top Model,” boating, road trips, family and friends.

She lived in the now and had to have everything done yesterday.

She traveled all over the country and lived in Alaska, Canada, Minnesota, Texas, Florida, Los Angeles and Washington. Here, she settled down to live and work for [a local company] as assistant office manager, a job that she loved.

She had many friends that will truly miss her. I hope you found the peace you were looking so hard for.

A website ( listed her bio as:

An avid performer with few, if any, inhibitions during her explosive porn career, Anastasia was an immediate favourite among porn fans when she made her hardcore debut in 1999. Her natural, youthful ‘girl-next-door’ appeal belied a scathing on-screen persona which frequently made use of her famous penchant for aggressive, over-the-top oral sex performances, as well as a seemingly authentic, eager willingness in acts involving anal intercourse, water sports, interracial sex and gang bangs. During her short career she performed in more than 100 adult movies.

She moved to California in 1999 for start her carrier in the adult industry. Her real eye-color is blue and she’s a natural blonde. She is relatively short and skinny. (Height: 5 foot 3; Weight: 103 lbs ). Her unusual curves, smiley face, lovable attitude and brilliant oral sex skills are what quickly caused her immediate attention and success in the adult industry. There seems to be nothing this pretty mermaid won’t do to make her sex scenes shocking and memorable for her viewers. This open and eager attitude to please her fans with the nastiest and wildest sex scenes has made her one of the most treasured new starlets in the business among producers, fellow performers and fans.

As a point, her only successful foray in a non-pornographic film was in 2001’s Blow, where she appears as a reveller at a birthday party for ‘Derek Foreal’ (portrayed, further to the irony, by notorious porn connoisseur and public masturbator Paul Reubens). Although her inclusion in this feature may well have served as a casting director’s exercise in mordant humor, she was left uncredited for the film.

Rest in peace.

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