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Holly Randall on turning 30.

September 12, 2008


From Holly’s Myspace blog: Saturday, September 06, 2008 Goodbye, 29! I have my 20s only for one more hour. I don’t know why I have been clinging so desperately to the last of those years, but it has been a struggle to accept that I am turning 30 and entering into a new decade of […]

Donny Long buys a new yacht.

September 12, 2008


Opinion/Editorial Donny wants the world to know that he just bought a new “yacht”. More like leased or rented. haha Is it the S.S. Minnow? Please keep on bragging about all the new toys you buy. So hopefully the IRS will be reading and decide to bring up your file and see what’s really going […]

Savanna Samson is no more available than Angelina Jolie.

September 12, 2008


Savanna Samson is supremely talented at many things, but can she carry a tune? The world will find out on Sept. 10, when the blond porn queen previews her debut CD, “Possession,” at club Home in Chelsea. In the title track, she laments how some fans of her videos feel they own her. “They see […]

People in Ohio visited more porn sites in 2007.

September 12, 2008


The Buckeye State has since lost its No. 1 ranking to Wyoming. Residents of the Buckeye State visited adult websites more often than their counterparts in the other 49 states in 2007. But Ohio has lost its No. 1 ranking since then; data collected by Global Research at Hitwise shows Wyoming is leading the charge […]

Paris Hilton is a fan of virginity.

September 12, 2008


“Don’t pick on them (The Jonas Brothers). That’s (their virginity) something cool for a kid to keep, so don’t pick on them for that. “I think that they’re all really good kids and that they’re definitely our next generation of kids and they’re all really good so I think that’s awesome.” Source:

John McCain and Sarah Palin update.

September 12, 2008


From the Huffington Post: Posted April 16, 2008 John McCain made the joke at a 1998 Republican Senate fundraiser about 18-year-old Chelsea Clinton. “Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly?” he asked. “Because her father is Janet Reno.” Sure, McCain apologized after a flurry of media coverage, but talk of that sort is cheap. It’s like […]