Why Sadie West refused to rub a chicken on her face.

Posted on May 29, 2010



Sadie West stars in the new parody This Ain’t Celebrity Fit Club – Boot Camp XXX. They didn’t tell her to kill the chicken. But the plot required her rubbing chicken on herself:

    Although she’d just finished filming a hard core scene for another porn, West says she “draws the line” at rubbing fatty chicken on her skin.

    Despite being hungry when she arrived on set, West had to pass on the chicken scene for fear of her sensitive skin breaking out from the grease.

    She explains, “Asking me to rub chicken on my face is like asking me to have sex with someone with herpes. I’d get a bad outbreak.”

Now with over 70 titles and all the facials & creampies she’s done according to IAFD, the normal thinking person wouldn’t mind rubbing chicken on themselves for the starring role. Why was she even hired when far worse is asked of performers for non-starring roles?

Maybe everyone in this industry who has herpes should beat her with that chicken. Possibly a frozen chicken so to beat some sense into her! Creampies without a condom is the safest sex act porn stars can perform?? But those pesky chickens with all their germs will cause Snow White’s skin to breakout. hahahaha Rubbing a chicken on yourself will be the least of your problems while in this industry.

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