Does anyone have a way of contacting Carmella Bing and Naomi Russell?

Posted on February 5, 2010


UPDATE: Carmella addresses the rumors on her Myspace blog. CLICK

*L*G* at xxxPornTalk has a link from “confirming” that Carmella Bing and Naomi Russell have HIV. But the site didn’t link back to any source. I ran the paragraph through Google and it’s from the LA Times dated June 12, 2009 about this past summer’s HIV scare.

I found this site and it’s dated January 25, 2010. They quote the LA Times article. So recently posted the LA Times article about this summer’s HIV scare and picked up on it. But no where on the LA Times & articles does it say Carmella Bing and Naomi Russell have HIV. The picture thisis50 use is of Naomi but the paragraph they printed doesn’t mention either woman. Did just pick a random porn star picture and threw Carmella’s name into it too??

I couldn’t find an email at thisis50 but I left this comment:

    “Where did you get the names Naomi Russel & Carmella Bing? They don’t have HIV or AIDS! How dare you print that! One woman was infected this summer but her name wasn’t released. The adult industry knows who she is but it’s certainly not Naomi Russel & Carmella Bing. You quoted a paragraph from the LA Times dated June 2009 but they never mentioned anyone’s names. The only source I can find that seemed to have started this rumor is you. You didn’t link to any source either. You picked Naomi’s picture to run and decided to throw Carmella’s name into it to?? Do you know the damage you’ve caused and how this story has now gone global and the lives & careers this could ruin?? I tried finding an email address to write you but couldn’t find one. Where did you get their names??”

My guess is the rumor started at because many of the websites that also ran this story linked back to them. I don’t know if whoever started this knows both Carmella and Naomi and something happened between them for this to happen. I’ve been told they’re both retired and Naomi has been for a couple of years.

You can now see how many sites have picked up on this rumor just by running their names through Google:

Carmella Bing and Naomi Russell

Carmella Bing and Naomi Russell HIV

Carmella Bing and Naomi Russell AIDS

I assume this is Carmella’s Twitter page because her page is set to private. I’ve put in a friend request but she still hasn’t accepted. I’ve emailed but no one has emailed me back. I don’t know if Naomi herself runs the website. But I would think whoever gets the email would have notified Naomi by now about this news.

So if anyone knows Carmella and Naomi personally, could you tell them about what I wrote so they can start taking whatever steps to solve this.

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