Mother-daughter duo

Posted on August 3, 2008


Mother Desi and daughter Elli Foxx entered the adult industry together in November 2007. Their agent told them they are the only mother-daughter out there now doing this. Desi has been supportive of Elli’s career and even drove her to her very first shoot. Still Elli was surprised when her mother followed in her footsteps.

Elli says her mother is more into anal sex than she is, but she has a big foot fetish. They are sometimes attracted to the same men but Elli says her mother prefers educated guys with personality. They just recently filmed their first scene together. Neither has told their family. Elli has a brother and a sister and the last time her and her mother saw them was during Christmas and didn’t think the holidays was the best time to tell them.

The Naughty American has Elli’s full interview. And you can read Elli and Desi’s personal blog at

    “We don’t want to be next to each other, we don’t want to see each other at all. We did a scene together and they were very caring about our needs. They respected everything we said. We had two people – a cameraman, a, basically like talk-show host, you can consider him, and then the talent. So we had a lot going on. One of us was talking to the guy while the other one was doing the scene. It was made to where we don’t have to pay attention, we don’t know what’s going on, don’t care what’s going on behind me, but they can catch it all in the same camera frame. There’s ways of doing things to be comfortable for everybody. But it takes a little time to work it out. Some companies don’t want to listen to you.”

    “Um, it was pretty uncomfortable. Like the most uncomfortable porn set I’ve ever been on. There were times where, before we even got to it, where I almost walked out and said, “We’re not doing it.” Because they were taking their time and they weren’t really trying to get us in and out. And I’m like, ‘You know we’ve just got to do this, get it in and out. I don’t want to be here all day thinking about it.’ It was difficult. But they followed everything we said. So, you know, if I wasn’t happy with something, I just said it and they changed it immediately. It made it easier and it made it doable. It’s not something that I jump for joy at doing. But if somebody cooperates with our terms, then I have no problem doing it. Because it is work, and I realize that you’re not going to have the intimacy and chemistry that you have on a normal porn set. So it’s more like work that day than it is fun. I don’t consider those days as much fun. I like to enjoy the guy by myself.”

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