THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT a triplexthriller

Posted on April 27, 2011


Press Release: THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT a triple X thriller is out of the woods and wraps production

Porn Stars going camping????? Indeed it’s true these girls went out and roughed it in the woods and slept in the wild. Blue Circus Entertainment’s owner/president Dick Chibbles Sticking to the horror genre after the hit “SAW a Hardcore Parody” announced today the completion of the production of “THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT a Triple X Thriller”. “For a movie that had such a huge impact on America in the 90’s I couldn’t resist” Dick states, “We spent hours making the stickmen, enjoying the outdoors and camping with good friends. Of course the production of The Blair Witch parody was loads of fun to shoot”. Shot on location in the wooded mountains of San Diego, there were both screams of pleasure and screams of terror late into the night. Following along the mainstream blockbuster of course with the porn twist shooting documentary style, the group got together to do a documentary about the legend of the Blair witch (and to shoot content) and start off in the sleepy little town to interview townsfolk on the legend which lead them into the haunted woods where the witch is said to haunt. Along the way, shooting scenes for their websites the group found themselves lost with something in the woods watching every move. The documentary starts to fall apart and so does the nerves of the cast when they realize that they are not alone and being hunted by an unseen entity.

“We’re all friends and thought to go camping together shoot some content trade scenes. Instead we figured let’s just make a movie and split it. We decided do things a little differently on this one” says Chibbles and co-writer Jack Vegas, “Everyone took a lot of pride in knowing that this is something that everyone involved with have an equal ownership in”. Britney Amber portrays the lead character “Heather” who puts the documentary together and assures that it’s all mapped out and safe. She says “I had such a great time filming this, we’re all good friends that went out to have fun camping that resulting in making a great movie, and for all of us being producers and with split share of the film pushed us all to give 110%, I even got to try out my camera skills which was a lot of fun.” Britney Amber of course also had a role in Chibbles’ SAW parody which released last October.

“being not only an actress but spreading my resume to co-producer, and directing a little was an amazing experience” states Brandy Aniston “to have the creative freedom and have input into the final product was very special”. she goes on to say, “a lot of what you’ll see in the film is real, being in the middle of the woods in a tent in the pitch black darkness is scary, my screams are very much real”. “To my knowledge this is the first adult film to be written , Directed, produced, shot and edited completely by Porn stars” Dick adds.

Nikki Daniels had to say “it was a great experience hanging out with friends and having a good time camping. It’s something I’ve wanted to do since I moved out here and just so happened to make it into a movie while we were out there. I’ll never forget douching in the woods with my girls”. A True erotically scary movie that will indeed make you think twice of going into the woods alone. The sex will get you hot, the horror will make you jump and the story will keep you glued to the end. Of course there’s some campy comedy within the film what would true porn parodies be without it, Blair Witch Project a Triple X thriller will be released through Pulse Distribution.

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