Celebrate “Weapons of Mass Seduction” with Dr. Susan Block

Posted on March 18, 2011


Press Release: And the Commedia Erotica Players at Her 4th Purim Bacchanal

Performing a Porny Purim Spiel of the Biblical Story of Esther with Porn Stars Persia Pele as Queen Esther, Bon Jon Syn as King Ahaseurus, Sinn Sage as Queen Vashti

This Saturday, March 19, Doors Open at 9:30pm, Webshow at 10:30pm

“This is not your Bubbe’s Purim,” warns Dr. Block

The Dr. Susan Block Institute is delighted to announce its 4th biannual Purim Bacchanal, featuring the internationally renowned Commedia Erotica Players in a “Porny Purimspiel” of the Biblical story of Esther, the ancient Persian Jewish sexpot heroine who saved her people from genocide with nothing but her own Weapons of Mass Seduction. In a time when power was almost always gained through brute force and merciless violence–a time much like our own–this was, and still is, a human miracle.

Porn stars, poets and character actors will improvise Biblical roles as Dr. Susan Block, a former Sunday school teacher turned sexologist, narrates her critically acclaimed version of the Megillat Esther in the Womb Room, to be transformed into the king’s court and harem, as well as a “gallows” (a St. Andrew’s bondage cross), before a live studio audience, this Saturday night, March 19th, 2011, at Dr. Suzy’s Speakeasy in the Soul of Downtown LA.

Doors open for guests and audience at 9:30pm, and the show starts at 10:30pm PST, broadcasting live on DrSusanBlock.tv. An erotic after-party with Middle Eastern dance music starts at midnight.

Tehran-born Jewish porn star Persia Pele will play the title role of Queen Esther who grows from innocent virgin to powerful political seductress and sexy savior of her people. Martial artist/porn star Bon Jon Syn will be King Ahaseurus (the historic Xerxes). Rounding out the Commedia Erotica cast will be porn star Sinn Sage as Queen Vashti, award-winning playwright Michael Phillips as Mordecai, Chad Diamond as Mordecai’s son, comedian Chris Floyd as Haman, BDSM performer Dark Phoenix as Haman’s son, Lily Cade as Lilith, and Morgan Bailey as the Lead Eunuch. Misti Dawn, Michael Vegas (Venus and Eros on Eros Day XI), Jen Friel, Ms. Kartier, Shay Morgan, Rob Loads, Lya Pink, Lucy Blaze, Katie Kinns, Mona Sunoy and Xtina Quinn will round out the King’s court and harem. Pony girls Tindala and FeralKytn will play the King’s Horses, plus bellydancers and more exciting players confirming as Purim approaches. The drumming group Cachaca will provide live percussive accompaniment, and a Deus Ex Machina appearance by living porn legend Ron Jeremy, playing himself, is also expected.

Since Purim is the Judaic adaptation of the even more ancient spring holiday of Persian New Year or Nowruz, this special edition of The Dr. Susan Block Show will include erotic versions of such Nowruz customs as fire-jumping and spoon-beating, in addition to the Purim traditions of cranking groggers, eating hamentaschen and drinking until, according to the Babylonian Talmud, Megillah 7b, “one cannot tell the difference between the good guys and the bad” (and they say Charlie Sheen is decadent).

Only 100 guests and audience members will be admitted to the Speakeasy on March 19, and tickets are going fast. To make reservations, call 213.670.0066 or go to http://drsuzyb.com/jw

Watch the LIVE PURIM BACCHANAL BROADCAST online and view clips and photos from past Purim shows at http://drsusanblock.tv

Don’t know Purim from purée? Don’t dismay! Read Dr. Block’s Purim Bloggamy: http://drsuzyb.com/kp

See Dr. Susan Block’s “Porn ‘n’ Purim Bacchanal” from Purim 2008 http://drsuzyb.com/L1

Proceeds from donations go to help save the highly endangered “make love not war” bonobo chimpanzees from extinction in the Congo, and promote the Bonobo Way of peace through pleasure around the world. Learn about the bonobos and the Bonobo Way: http://blockbonobofoundation.org

Listen to The Dr. Susan Block Show Free at http://drsuzyb.com/bw Call-In Free: 1.866.289.7068

Purim Bacchanal exhibiting artists include Scott Siedman, Yossi Vardan, Alex Filangieri, JuxLii, Andrew Dunbar, Skee Goodhart, Tom Zimmerman, Annie Sprinkle, Betty Dodson, John Evans, Sayko, Doug Johns, Karin Swildens, Glenn Campbell, and Xam Paris. A shimmering Persian New Year table with samovar, hookah and other traditional artifacts will also be on display.

The Dr. Susan Block Show Drink of Choice is Agwa di Bolivia Coca Leaf Liqueur, one of the many fine beverages featured at the always popular Speakeasy Open Bar. Guests will also enjoy Pocket Rockets by Doc Johnson, Condomania condoms, Screaming O toys and other sexual delights, in addition to a Purim and Nowruz Aphrodisiac Buffet and traditional cuisine.

The Dr. Susan Block Institute is an international center for sexual expression, therapy, research and education based in Los Angeles. Founded in 1991 by Susan M. Block, PhD, world-renowned Yale-educated sexologist, best-selling author and host of HBO specials, the Institute’s mission is to help individuals, couples and communities to enhance their sexuality and improve their lives, based upon Dr. Block’s philosophy of Ethical Hedonism and the Bonobo Way of Peace through Pleasure.

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