iP4Play Offering Free Calls to iPad 2 Users

Posted on March 12, 2011


Press Release: Alleged Tiger Woods Mistress Joslyn James Making special Guest Appearance at iP4Play

iP4Play is continuing to lead the live adult entertainment mobile revolution by announcing its excitement over this week’s release of Apple’s iPad 2 now featuring FaceTime. Travis Falstad, Managing Director and Co-Founder of iP4Play said, “Many iPad 2 users will have never before tried FaceTime. I recommend they try it with one of our sexy adult film stars instead of an Apple tech.”

To commemorate the company’s excitement of the introduction of the iPad with FaceTime, iP4Play is offering free five minute shows with all of their talent to all iPad 2 customers.

iP4Play is bringing on a special treat, as well, as adult film star and alleged Tiger Woods mistress Joslyn James will be available on Friday, March 11th. Joslyn has appeared in over 20 adult films. Her extensive career in the mainstream limelight has included numerous, high profile television shows, magazine and promotional appearances including: E! Entertainment TV, The Travel Channel, Dr. 90210, Sin City Diaries, Elimi-Date, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, World Series of Poker, 944 Magazine and Las Vegas Weekly to name just a few.

During its first half year of operation, users of iP4Play are quickly realizing the benefits of the iP4Play experience over traditional computer-based webcam services. Unlike most webcam services that offer only one-way interaction, with its use of FaceTime on iPhone 4, 4th generation iPod Touch, FaceTime for Mac and now the iPad, iP4Play offers a true two-way audio and video experience like no other where both parties can see and hear each other, utilizing the stunning display resolution of the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Apple Mac computer. iP4Play is the one and only provider of live adult entertainment utilizing both Apple’s FaceTime technology and Skype.

iP4Play was founded in 2010 to leverage the bleeding edge of technology and merge it with the excitement of live adult entertainment. All press and business development opportunities may be forwarded to info@iP4Play.com. Talent interested in working with us may forward their submissions to submissions@iP4Play.com.

FaceTime is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc. iP4Play is in no way affiliated with Apple, Inc. or any of their partnering companies or carriers.

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