Yes We Can: PinPointsX® Unveils New Experience

Posted on March 1, 2011


Press Release: PinPointsX® has released an additional service to perform as an application for all touch screen smart phones in the United States

PinPointsX® has released an additional service to perform as an application for all touch screen smart phones in the United States. Although it can be accessed through on the phone’s browser, this is no ordinary website. “It is a brand new experience for users,” says founder Ronen Gabbay. Members without Apple or Android devices can now obtain the new application on their phones. “It serves the same functions as our mobile app and can be acquired without downloading or any external pursuits,” states Gabbay. “It acts exactly like the app, only on the phone’s browser. No other tech company has uncovered a way to institute this breakthrough idea that will target a wide range of users.”

PinPointsX®, the revolutionary technological platform for modern dating, is expanding its horizons with this cutting-edge development for everyone to use. Not acclaimed “Ingenious” by Cnet without reason, the “#1 Hookup App,” according to, has now come up with a new innovative project to benefit all those deprived of application-based mobile phones.

PinPointsX® is a website and correlative mobile app which uses location-technology to enable users to find partners for hooking up and dating, as well as establishments within the local scene. It’s a one of a kind, patent-pending platform that allows users to access a map and locate what is available in their vicinity.

Partners and affiliates can also profit from the advanced PinPointsX® technology. White labels can be offered, which is not possible with phone apps. Companies can still maintain the look and feel of their website to enhance branding and will not lose traffic to the Apple and Android markets. Companies that have been previously rejected or restricted by Apple can now use this app to their convenience. The PinPointsX® web mobile app is not just a customization to a mobile browser as it adheres to all the capabilities and functions of an application.

Aside from launching the only mobile web application, PinPointsX® is currently working on, the company’s app version targeting Gays, which will also have the web application supplement.

PinPointsX® is constantly updating and progressing with its social network. >From web to mobile to mobile-web, this platform has proved what Mashable and XBIZ have nominated it to be…the Best Mobile App of the Year!

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