JR Carrington, JP of ATCC, Sunset Thomas, Madelyn Marie, Erin Marxxx and co on LAST CALL 2/25 on Cyberstationusa.com

Posted on February 24, 2011


Press Release: As the clock countdown to the Middleweight championship title fight on March 12th, the Sport Swami is getting ready to preview that fight and much more. And with some inside information on the fight, a new business mogul, an adult legend, and some archived interviews from AEE 2011, you have an explosive show on this week’s LAST CALL with the Sport Swami on www.cyberstationusa.com. This week’s guests include:

-Boxing Promoter LOU DiBELLA of DiBella Entertinament (www.dbe1.com) joins the show as he prepares for the huge Sergio Martinez vs. Sergei Dzindziruk for the Middleweight championship of the world. The Brooklyn native opens up about the fight itself, how the match came to in the first place, the Andy Lee versus Craig McEwan fight, his super middleweight prospects in Edwin Rodriguez and Marcus Johnson, a possible Andre Berto vs. Kell Brook fight, and his relationship with Bob Arum.

-Business Mogul JP Berkman of Adult Trading Card Company (www.adulttradingcardcompany.com) joins the show as promotes the launch of the first ever Adult trading card. The company president opens up about what gave him the idea to create adult business cards, how he got some of the adult performers to embrace the idea, his projects before getting into the trading card industry and whom is part of the Adult Trading Card Company Inc.

-Legendary adult performer JR CARRINGTON joins the show after one year of returning to the adult industry . The Ugandan native joins the show with long layoff. The curvy blonde Cougar opens up about her reasons for getting back into the industry, how much the industry has changed since she left, her favorite performers to work with, working at Sheri’s Ranch, balancing motherhood with her hectic schedule and her plan to launch a new website.

-At AEE 2011 CHARITY McLAIN caught up with Bluebird Films Contract performer MADELYN MARIE (www.twitter.com/madelynmarie) for a heart to heart chat. The beautiful brunette talks about her AVN experience, working with Bluebird Films, and life in and out of the adult industry.

-AVN Hall of Famer SUNSET THOMAS (www.sunsetslife.com) met up with CHARITY McLAIN at the 2011 AEE Hustler booth to talk life after adult movies. The boxing aficionado opened up about working with Doghouse Boxing, promotional appearances, her own business ventures, and a look back at what she enjoyed about the adult industry.

-Plus at the AEE 2011 CHARITY McLAIN caught up with sexy brunette ERIN MARXXX (www.twitter.com/erinmarxxx) with Rising Star PR to talk about 2011 and beyond. The Florida native opened up about working with Rising Star PR, being at the AEE 2011 Expo, her plans for 2011, and her goals for the future.

It’s two hours of sex, sports and controversy only on LAST CALL on www.cyberstationusa.com. Friday February 25th from 9 to 11 p.m. Eastern time/ 6 to 8 p.m. Pacific time.