Adult Stars share Valentine’s Day tips for a sexy and memorable experience

Posted on February 18, 2011


Press Release: Valentine’s Day can be a stressful holiday and you may find your head swirling with pressing questions: “What do I get?” “How can I make it memorable?” “How can I make this sexy?” and of course “How can I keep this affordable?”

Well, help is on its way. Some of the top adult film stars in the industry have come to the rescue and shared some tips on how you can make this Valentine’s Day one your special someone will remember and appreciate, all while keeping it under budget.

Devon Lee and Marcus London say:
“Make a romantic and sexy meal together. Here’s our suggestion for a great Valentine’s Day dinner: For the main course, prepare a succulent Lemon Talapia served on a bed of Spanish rice with steamed broccoli and a toasted French baguette. Jazz up your usual champagne toast by serving Bellinis, just add a couple ounces of peach syrup or schnapps to the glass and pour in your favorite bubbly. For dessert, melt your favorite chocolate with some heavy cream into a delectable chocolate fondue, then dip fresh strawberries, bananas, and sponge cake into the mix and serve each other. As a special treat (which you can also dip into the chocolate!), hollow out a strawberry, fill it with Irish Cream, and serve to your lover with whipped cream on top. It will be a memorable meal and please all the senses.”

Kim Tao says:
“I love to dance, and dancing is always a fun thing to do on Valentines Day whether you go out or just cut the rug at home. Make a special playlist that starts out energetic and then gets slow. Sexy dancing always leads to something else *wink wink*”

Chastity Lynn says:
“Go out for a romantic walk on the beach, around a grassy park, or even in a mall or just around your neighborhood. You can talk about how much you appreciate each other or recall how you first met. Don’t talk about work, finances, or other stressful things, just focus on the moment and spending “us” time. It doesn’t really matter what you do, as long as you spend some time together.”

Alisha Madison says:
“I think the best thing a woman could do for her man on Valentines Day would be to treat him. There is so much pressure on the man to take care of everything, but to surprise him with a home cooked meal and a sexy outfit would be a nice change of pace. I would pick an outfit that you think HE would like rather than one you think is sexy. I noticed that most women get that wrong. I would say also that initiating sex after the dinner should top it off. I think overall taking the pressure off the man, you could get a great evening on Valentine’s Day.”

Misty Stone says:
“Create a scrapbook, fill it with your favorite photographs, love letters, keepsakes from special occasions, and cherished mementos. Sometimes we forget about the little things.”

James Bartholet says:
“Make a special Romantic Treasure Hunt, leave clues around the house, and you can set any special prize at the end for your loved one to find.”

Daisy Marie says:
“Create your own Valentine’s Day Card. Compose a poem or an expression of love that expresses your personality. It will be more meaningful than anything you can buy on a shelf.”

Angelina Valentine says:
“Try some role playing, do something creative and spontaneous.”

Priya Rai says:
“Take a romantic bubble bath together. Turn off your phones, add some candles, soft music, and just enjoy yourselves.”

Sophie Dee says:
“Make your own personal sex tape at home. Don’t worry about lights and technical things, just set up your camera and let nature take its course. Just be sure it doesn’t leak onto the Internet, LOL”

Rochelle Lynne says:
“Take him back to the 20’s with a sexy Burlesque dance and striptease. Sometimes what you don’t show is even more alluring.”

Hopefully some of these tips from our professional lovers will inspire you to create some memorable moments with your special someone. Have a great Valentine’s Day, and keep it sexy.

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