Girlfriends Films VP Moose Presented with XBiz’ Executive Leadership Award

Posted on February 17, 2011


Press Release: The Prestigious Award Recognizes Moose & Girlfriends Films’ Leading Example in the Adult Industry!

Last night Girlfriends Films Vice President Moose was presented with the 2011 XBIZ Executive Leadership award. While Girlfriends Films is the most awarded lesbian studio ever, the Executive Leadership accolade is one of the most important bestowed upon the company. It represents business leaders who are a driving force behind the success of their famed enterprise, as well as exemplary members of the adult entertainment business community in terms of their industry standing, contributions and overall influence within the marketplace. In a year in which Girlfriends Films took the leap into the status of elite adult studios, Moose was one of the most integral parts of the accomplishment. “We think the way Moose handles his business as the VP of Girlfriends Films is commendable on every level,” says Dan Miller, managing editor of XBIZ Premiere. “With his go-for-it attitude, no-nonsense work ethic and commitment to not only keeping Girlfriends on the forefront, but also to be part of positive change in the industry, we believe he exemplifies everything an executive leader should be.”

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Girlfriends Films owner Dan O’Connell bestowed the award upon Moose. In his introduction, Dan said, “The recipient of this award must be a truly exceptional person. Moose is definitely that. He does everything for our company. If Moose was the captain of the Titanic, he would have gotten everyone off the sinking ship into the lifeboats, swam to shore himself, and then greeted all the boats as they safely docked. It is my great pleasure to present this award to my colleague and friend, Moose.”

Past recipients of the prestigious award include Castle Megastore CEO Mark Franks and Hustler President Michael Klein. Both are proud to have Moose join their ranks as leaders within the adult industry. Klein says, “Moose is a perfect recipient of XBIZ’ Executive Leadership Award. In my dealings with Moose, his dedication and honesty is evident in his work with Girlfriends Films, and he is a shining example of the executive team and image of the company. In short, it is always a pleasure to do business with Moose, and he is deserving of the award.”

“My sincerest thanks to XBIZ and the adult industry as a whole for honoring me with this award,” says Moose. “It is an accomplishment all of Girlfriends Films can share and feel proud of, from our employees, to our performers, to our consumers and fans. My goal when becoming Vice President was to preserve the qualities making the company unique and great, while expanding our brand to all outlets possible. We have an exciting future in store for us at Girlfriends Films, and I’m proud to be a part of it.”

Girlfriends Films shows a company can still be successful, while operating with moral certitude in business and art. While continually experiencing exceptional sales numbers for each new release, Girlfriends Films demonstrates an ability to look beyond profit margins. The company was recently in the news for its annual charity program, donating tens of thousands of dollars to the Cancer Research Institute, Planned Parenthood, Doctors without Borders and more. Girlfriends Films was a prominent co-sponsor of this year’s Hustler Hollywood Freedom Party and beginning in July, began a recurring $1,000 monthly contribution to the Free Speech Coalition. Girlfriends Films donated a further $5,000 to ASACP (Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection), which works to prevent child pornography and helps parents keep their kids from accessing adult-content web sites. For more information about the annual Girlfriends Films Charities Program, visit

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About Girlfriends Films:
Girlfriends Films was created to provide realistic lesbian-sex movies for discerning viewers who demand the best. The studio’s combination of gorgeous performers, talented directors and aesthetic focus allows for Girlfriends Films to continuously produce best-selling movies appealing to both men and women. Girlfriends Films received AVN’s Best All-Girl Series award the last four years running and remains “The Most Downloaded Studio” year after year on Hot Movies. For more information, visit, and