YNOT Announces Updated Interface and Design for YNOT Europe

Posted on February 10, 2011


Press Release: YNOT is pleased to announce that its all-new design for YNOTeurope.com has been completed, and the updated site is now online and ready for use. The changes to YNOTeurope.com make the site similar in its look and feel to US‐based YNOT.com, but add additional functionality in new language selection tools specific to the European market.

YNOTeurope.com offers daily adult industry news in five languages; English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian. The new language selection interface helps users easily choose which language will be used in featured article boxes and navigation text throughout the site.

“YNOTeurope.com is the first European‐based news and resource site of its kind, and we are committed to evolving the site to meet the specific needs of Europe’s growing adult industry,” says Mo Aguiari, Director of Business Development for YNOT. “From the beginning it was our intention to deliver great content to our unique audience, in multiple languages, not just English, and we think this newly designed YNOTeurope.com does a great job in advancing this goal.”

YNOTeurope.com is a free resource for adult industry professionals. The site offers adult business news, plus commentary and technical articles of interest to adult‐oriented businesses. In addition, YNOTeurope.com provides users with directories of business services, social networking tools, daily email newsletters, and online forums for discussing industry‐related topics in a variety of languages. User accounts are free.

Companies who are interested in advertising on YNOTeurope.com should contact adsales@ynoteurope.com for additional information.

YNOT Europe LTD is a U.K. company, with additional offices in Budapest and Milan.