BurningAngel.com: Nude & Noteworthy – January 2011

Posted on January 29, 2011


Press Release: 2011 AVN Award Winner

Best Porn Star Web Site

Best Web Premiere: “Dong of the Dead” (BurningAngel.com)

Best Solo Sex Scene: Joanna Angel in “Rebel Girl” (BurningAngel/Vouyer)

Hello dear BurningAngel fans:

January has been a crazy, super busy month for us. We had a bunch of new movies released (www.burningangel.com/store); I taped an episode of a TV show to air soon – stay tuned for details (www.burningangel.com/events) and of course…the debauchery of the AVN Awards…where we took home 3 wins! Whoop-Whoop. And as crazy as it’s been…we love how fun and porny it always is…so check out the latest and greatest.

As always, please visit http://www.BurningAngel.com for daily updates!

Rock On! Joanna



Check out the new Mega Orgy video at http://www.burningangel.com/videos. It’s a scene from “Joanna’s Angels 3” where Joanna stops crime. She admits, fighting crime can be a very stressful job that usually requires an equally relaxing and fun break…like a huge orgy!


Misti Dawn continues to GEDDERDONE…all in red – a red head in red panties on a red bed! http://www.burningangel.com/pics showcases the red experiment that turned into a naked red result!


http://www.CumOnMyTattoo.com has a new video starring Adrianna Nicole who thought that the only thing better than one wad of cum on her tattoo was two wads of cum.

http://www.FuckMeInTheBathroom.com has a new video starring the stunning Asphyxia. While going to the porn store to get her favorite porn stars’ autograph (who do y’all think that is…ahem?!!), Joanna starts whaling spit balls at her. After speaking to the store manager about Joanna’s behavior, she was rewarded with the ‘Customer is Always Right’ reward…in the bathroom! How’s that for customer service!

http://www.JoannaAngel.com has a new video starring the punk rock porn princess herself! Feeling really horny and alone on the couch, Joanna called Mr. Pete to come over and fuck her. It’s always great to have a suck me, fuck me buddy!


As she does every year, Bella Vendetta hit the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival. This year, her favorite band Cannibal Corpse was playing and she was lucky enough to be able to sit down and interview George ‘Corpsegrinder’ Fisher. http://www.burningangel.com/words


The 2011 AVN was an absolute blast! The BurningAngel.com party rocked as did the award show where we won 3 AVNs. http://www.burningangel.com/events. On behalf of everyone at BurningAngel.com, thank you to everyone for making it such a special and rewarding evening. We couldn’t have done it without all of our fans…really!



Press Contact: Brian Gross, BSG PR, (818) 340-4422. Email brian@bsgpr.com. Twitter: @bsgpr

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About Joanna Angel and BurningAngel.com

Pushing the envelope and breaking new ground, the BurningAngel empire is a refreshingly unique web cocktail of sex, rock n’ roll and pop culture. Its unmatchable edge has claimed a burgeoning bi-coastal community both in and out of cyberspace. BurningAngel.com officially launched in April 2002 with a few sets of photos and a band interview. The amateur experiment, conceived by two college kids from Rutgers (Joanna Angel and Mitch Fontaine), has since exploded into a fierce indie company that has pioneered a new species of erotica and has given way to the emergence of Joanna Angel as the “queen of alt-porn.” In January 2005, the website’s growing popularity spawned its sister DVD production company, BurningAngel Entertainment, which continues to deliver hip, ironic cult classics, including the award-winning Joanna’s Angels and Cum on My Tattoo series.

BurningAngel.com now hosts an extensive hardcore video collection and photo gallery featuring over 200 girls, hailing the site’s co-founder and star, Joanna Angel, as its queen bee. The site also features provocative interviews with a variety of bands on both major and independent labels, including Bad Religion, the Transplants, Bloc Party, Marilyn Manson, the Bouncing Souls and Brendon Small of Cartoon Network’s Metalocalypse. The website also boasts an interactive web community, featuring active message boards, profile pages for all members and models, and comment boards throughout the site in which members can express their opinions.

Since its inception, BurningAngel and its star, AVN Award Winner Joanna Angel have been featured on Fox News, Playboy TV, Fuse TV, KROQ Radio, SIRIUS Radio, and on the series premier of TLC’s LA Ink; they have appeared in The New York Times, Newsweek, The Village Voice, The New York Press, Esquire UK, and Penthouse, among others. Heeb Magazine featured Joanna as their cover girl, naming her one of the “Top 100 Up-and-Coming Jews,” and in 2006 The New York Post featured her as one of the “Top 25 Sexiest New Yorkers.”

2011 AVN Award Winner: Best Porn Star Web Site; Best Web Premiere: “Dong of the Dead” (BurningAngel.com); Best Solo Sex Scene: Joanna Angel in “Rebel Girl” (BurningAngel/Vouyer)