SCORE Goes Spanish with “Paola Rios: Chesty Chica”

Posted on January 20, 2011


Press Release: Paola Rios may just be the hottest woman to emerge from Latin America since J-Lo. A Spanish-speaking Latina from Paraguay, Paola Rios is infamous for her amazing E-cup rack, and has quickly become a SCORE favorite.

The latest DVD from SCORE, “Paola Rios: Chesty Chica” is the company’s second all-Spanish release, with Paola Rios speaking her native language throughout. She doesn’t speak English, but that’s no problem – her huge breasts say enough on their own. Enjoy her Spanish dirty talk naturally, or through the video’s English captioning.

Paola’s rising popularity isn’t because she’s a fresh face – it’s because she’s a relatable girl that big boob lovers gravitate to. According to Paola, it takes the average man only five minutes to begin asking about her breasts. Unlike many of the enhanced women in her niche, Paola’s look is soft and all-natural. She has a thick ass, tanned thighs, full, perfectly shaped breasts, big areolas, and an arresting smile.

“Paola Rios: Chesty Chica” is shot on location in Argentina, and features Paola exclusively in her personal solo videos. Get up close and personal in Paola’s native land for breast play, kinky fetish action, and tits bursting out of tops.

Paola Rios can also be found in SCORE’s “Paola Rios: Bad Girl in B.A.” The 2010 release marked her on-camera debut at the ripe age of nineteen, and was the E-cup teen’s first DVD.

“Paola Rios: Chesty Chica” is available on January 20th, only from Pure Play Media. For more information, visit or contact Retailers can now buy direct online at