Jesse Jane: Soccer/Baseball Mom, Tequila Maker, Author

Posted on January 17, 2011


Press Release: Jesse Jane is one of the most prominent figures in porn, but sadly, in two years, she’s going to move away from the industry, but not forget where she sewed her oats, so to speak.

Jane has been in the industry for eight years, leaving two more years until she’s eligible for votes for the AVN Hall of Fame. However, until then, she’s got some big ideas ahead of her, one of them is her official launch of Dioso Tequila, her signature tequila brand.

” Next month I’m launching my own tequila brand, so hoping that’s fully up and running,” Jane said, at the AEE in Las Vegas this past weekend. In fact. her own brand is such a hot commodity that she’s even been asked back to Sin City for three days on March 7 for the Nightclub and Bar Convention.

Not only can she call herself a bona fide alcohol maker, but when she retires, the pint-sized beauty can add author to number of talents. She is penning a tell-all book about her double life as one of the most famous faces in porn, as well as a baseball/soccer mom to an 11-year old boy, while also raising her niece and nephew.

“It will be about me and my life,” Jane says. “A lot of people who talk about this industry say ‘poor me’ or ‘I hate sex’ or ‘I did drugs.” Mine will be completely different because it will be about my double life. Everybody thinks they know me as this big porn star, but I’m actually a soccer mom. Also a baseball mom and just a regular mom at home. So it’s going to be Jesse Jane: My Double Life.”

With her son not so young anymore, she’s just as open with him as she is with her fans. She’s discussed with him in the past her dancing on Playboy TV as well as posing for Playboy magazine, yet, she explains that he is still a bit too young to understand the concept of porn, even though he’s aware that “Momma gets naked for a living.” When asked if that upsets him he simply asked if she knew Kendra Wilkinson—one of the former Playboy “Girls Next Door.” After saying that yes, she did, and showed him pictures of the blonde beauties side-by-side, she gushed stating that he thought she was “The coolest mom ever.”

We’re looking forward to seeing as much as Jesse Jane can offer, and with two mainstream movies under her belt—an Adam Sandler flick and one called, Born To Be A Star, it’s obvious she’s going to make a wonderful stamp in the world.