Funnyman James Bartholet No Longer Unsung He’s Unzipped

Posted on December 17, 2010


Press Release: Funnyman James Bartholet is no longer porn’s unsung hero having turned in an avalanche of stellar performances this past year in some of the adult industry’s most entertaining movies.

The fifty-one year old character actor is now being recognized with an AVN Award nomination for Best Non-Sex Performance for his work as Bosley in the blockbuster hit Not Charlie’s Angels XXX but truth be told every project he touches turns to gold.

Known best as a leading non-sex performer capable of turning any script into a madcap affair, the mainstream actor-turned-porn personality has worked with some of today’s leading movie directors including Will Ryder, Brad Armstrong, and Axel Braun delivering familiar results that tend to please producers especially those in the erupting parody arena.

“James is one of a kind,” stated X-Play’s Scott David who along with Ryder has been utilizing Bartholet’s talents for a number of years dating back to Not Bewitched XXX and Britney Rears.

“James is a very talented actor and as a director that’s really important to me because he can come in and immediately nail his parts with uncanny accuracy allowing me valuable time to move on,” Will Ryder remarked.

With an impressive history in mainstream television and movies, Bartholet treats adult movies with the same respect he offers to Hollywood .

“Really, if you look at some of the higher-end porn productions you don’t see much difference between what Hollywood does and what they do out in the valley,” he offered. “Look at some of these top directors because they create their movies exactly the same way we would shoot a sitcom except for the sperm,” Bartholet joked.

With a recent resume’ that includes breakout movies such as Not Married with Children XXX 2, Not M*A*S*H XXX, Not Really The Dukes of Hazard, This Ain’t Happy Days XXX 2: Fonzi Loves Pinky, Taxi: A Hardcore Parody, Not the Bradys XXX: Bradys Meet the Partridge Family, This Ain’t Glee XXX and recent offerings including Saw: A Hardcore Parody, the just wrapped Rocki Whore Picture Show and the epic boxing love story Not Rocky XXX, Bartholet is no longer an unsung attraction.

In fact he has recently dropped his pants and taken a dip into the deep end of the pool with his first sex performance with a beautiful girl thirty years his junior.

“It was beautiful you should see it,” Bartholet gushed.

“That’s something I’m not sure I want to see just yet,” joked Will Ryder. “But I can say there is nobody more deserving this year of an industry award then James so I really hope he takes the trophy home from Las Vegas in January.”

On a side note- Ryder has promised to cast Bartholet in sex role in an upcoming X-Play parody should he win the AVN Award for Best Non-Sex Performer.

“What the hell was I thinking?” Ryder quipped. “This guy might just pull this one off and then I gotta look at his ass.”

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