Trina Michaels Nominated for 2011 AVN Award “Crossover Star Of The Year”

Posted on December 3, 2010


Press Release: In May of 2008, Trina Michaels announced that she was going to take a stab at the world of Pro Wrestling, most people laughed, patter her on the head and waited for her to run back to porn. On Christmas Day of 2008, Trina didn’t spend it with her family but instead with thousands of fans in Mexico as she got to work for the biggest wrestling promotion in Mexico that day. In 2009 Trina began to work for multiple indy wrestling promotions across the U.S. and she became the most talked about wrestling manager on the indy circuit. She became so popular that Spike TV’s TNA wrestling promotion mentioned her name a few times on their tv programs.

Fast forward to Monday November 21, 2010, on this night former reality TV star now WWE wrestler The Miz won the WWE title from Randy Orton. Why is this significant? The Miz proved that he could cross over from one industry and become successful in the pro wrestling industry. On this same night, the 2011 AVN Award Nominations were released and Trina received a nomination for Cross Over Star of the Year. Trina is on track to prove that she, like the Miz, can cross over from one industry and become a success in the pro wrestling industry. “Wow, I’m shocked, I don’t know what to say”, are the words Trina tweeted once she found out about the nomination.

Trina has announced that she will be attending the 2011 AVN Awards with hinting of a bodyslam and a clothesline to anyone who wins the cross over star award if it isn’t her (she’s joking, we think). As scheduling would have it, the wrestling promotion Lucha Las Vegas is running a show at the Rio the night before the awards. On Friday January 7, 2011 you can see why people from the top three wrestling promotions are talking about Trina as she is schedule to take part of this event . “It’s pretty ironic I will be working a wrestling show in Vegas on AVN weekend while being nominated for Cross Over Star.”

All of her TrinaManiacs (fans) can follow Trina on her OFFICIAL twitter page and for more info on her wrestling appearance during AVN weekend you can go to

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