Facing Stiff Competition X-Play & Will Ryder Refuse to Lower Award-Winning High Quality

Posted on December 3, 2010


Press Release: It would be so easy to say fuck it. In the face of stiff competition, a difficult piracy climate and a tremendous glut of inferior parody movies on the market, X-Play has refused to lower the quality of their award-winning movies and will continue to produce nothing but the finest adult movies.

“I make no apologies for what I am about to say but I feel sorry for the customers that purchase lousy parody movies from other companies that have jumped on the bandwagon and put out an inferior product,” remarked X-Play’s reigning director of the year Will Ryder.

“It makes me sick to see this taking place but we absolutely refuse to cut production corners because the fans and critics will immediately know it and we owe it to them to produce the best movies we possibly can.”

Although many adult movie companies and directors are cashing in on the parody craze by creating low-level productions some without a script and shot in a single day X-Play continues to make high quality faithful recreations of the original subject matter often shot over 4 to 8 days time. The official website http://www.sitcums.com is loaded with many of the best movies of the genre including spoofs ranging from the wholesome Brady Bunch to the sexy Charlie’s Angels to the irreverent M*A*S*H.

“When you walk into a store it’s hard to tell which movies are of high quality just from looking at the box cover,” stated X-Play’s co-producer Scott David .

“In fact it’s impossible so people should look at the reviews because they tell a more accurate story of what is good and what sucks.”

Reviews and commentary by top critics can be found on a multitude of online locations including AVN, XFanz, XCritic.com, Adult DVD Empire, TLA Raw, Rog Reviews , Adult DVD Talk, Luke is Back, Adult Movies Today, NightMoves Magazine, Dr. Jay , Porn Valley Vantage, Dirty Bob, Hustler Magazine, Genesis Magazine, Cheri Magazine, Tod-Hunter.net and many others and they paint a clear picture of who is making the best movies.

The critics know what’s good. They actually take the time and put in the effort to really watch the movies and often write detailed reports.

“We could shoot our movies in one day and make them cheap but then we’d be like most everybody else,” Ryder lamented. In fact Ryder had quite possibly his best directing year ever with movies that ran the gamut from brilliant parody comedies such as Not Married with Children XXX 2, the clever Not M*A*S*H XXX to the loveable spoof of The Flintstones a XXX Parody which Ryder directed for New Sensations.

In the face of tremendous competition some good but mostly bad, X-Play has decided to sacrifice higher profits by continuing to shoot longer hours, build better sets, tell more involved stories, spend more money on wardrobe and go the distance when most others take the easy way out.

Next up on the production schedule is Not Rocky XXX which will be the ultimate thriller.

“It’s not how many movies you make it’s how well you make them,” Ryder concluded.

Purchase all of X-Play’s movies at fine stores and online stores everywhere and remember if you rip them you might as well pull a gun.

To view X-Play’s movie trailers visit http://www.sitcums.com

About Will Ryder & X-Play

Will Ryder is an award-winning adult movie director with some of the biggest commercial successes in recent porn history to his credit. Named the 2010 AVN Director of the Year along with the 2010 XRCO, CAVR, XCritic Director of the Year honors which followed his 2009 XBiz Director of the Year award, Ryder has joined the industry’s elite as the premiere creative director and driving force behind the porn-parody movement. With dozens of #1 selling titles such as Not the Bradys XXX, Not Bewitched XXX, Flight Attendants, Not the Cosbys XXX, Not Married with Children XXX, Not Mash XXX the upcoming Not Charlie’s Angels XXX and over 100 young girl titles including Barely Legal for Hustler, Ryder has carved out a spectacular resume which earned him the NightMoves Lifetime Achievement Award and over two dozen AVN, XRCO, CAVR, Rog Reviews and XCritic awards. His X-Play production house (home of sitcums.com) continues to set a high bar for those that attempt to follow.

X-Play & Will Ryder Major Awards

Will Ryder:

2010 XRCO Best Director (features)

2010 AVN Director of the Year

2010 XBiz People’s Choice- Porn Director of the Year

2009 XBiz Director of the Year- Individual Project

2009 CAVR Director of the Year

2008 CAVR Director of the Year

2009 NightMoves Lifetime Achievement Award winner

2009 Xcritic- Director of the Year

X-Play Movie Awards:

2010 AVN Best Comedy- Flight Attendants

2010 AVN Best Parody- Not the Cosbys XXX

2010 XBiz Best Parody Release- Not the Bradys XXX Marcia Marcia Marcia

2010 XRCO Best Release- Flight Attendants

2010 XRCO Best Comedy/Parody- Not Married with Children XXX

2010 Xcritic- Movie of the Year- Not the Cosbys XXX

2010 Xcritic- Best Parody- Not the Cosbys XXX

2010 Rogreviews Critic’s Choice Best Feature- Not the Cosbys XXX

2009 AVN Best Sex Comedy- Not Bewitched XXX

2009 NightMoves- Best Comedy/Parody- Not the Cosbys XX

2008 NightMoves- Best Comedy/Parody- Not Bewitched XXX

2009 XRCO Best Comedy- Not Bewitched XXX

2008 XRCO Best Comedy- Not the Bradys XXX

2007 XRCO Best Comedy- Britney Rears

2006 CAVR Feature of the Year- Britney Rears