Exquisite Multimedia Launches High End Studio: Exquisite Films

Posted on December 3, 2010


Press Release: Exquisite Films Brings a Fresh Angle with Comic Book Driven Parodies & High-End, Erotic Drama Lines!

Exquisite Films is the newest studio to launch under the XXX umbrella of Exquisite Multimedia, Inc. The premium feature studio is charged with the task of creating comic book driven parodies and high-end, erotic drama lines. For over ten years, Exquisite Multimedia, Inc. has produced and distributed some of the hottest, kinkiest sex available to watch on DVD and other platforms. The launch of Exquisite Films is the corporation’s first foray into generating quality content geared towards capturing the interest of female consumers, in addition to its loyal male fan base. Exquisite Multimedia, Inc. owner Jerry says, “Over the years, we’ve tapped every niche you can think of, but the focus was always on the male porn viewer. The time has come for Exquisite to begin producing movies also appealing to the other half of the market. The sex will still be wild enough to get guys off, but the higher quality production values and aesthetics will arouse women too.”

Jerry continues, “Exquisite Films is shooting our most expensive movies ever, while using the industry’s top performers and creative production talent. One of the divisions of Exquisite Films, which I’m especially excited about, is Extreme Comixxx. Comics and porn! It’s a fantasy come true!”

Exquisite Films will include several sub studios, in the vein of Extreme Comixxx. The division of studios ensures special attention is paid to the consumer needs and wants associated with each genre. The erotic dramas produced by Exquisite Films will employ both male and female perspectives to create the best couple-friendly movies possible. Extreme Comixxx requires more attention to FX and make-up, so it will utilize an in-house effects team.

Jerry will personally handle all sales for Exquisite Films. He says, “There is a huge demand for higher quality adult movies. Exquisite Films is positioned to double our consumer base, while producing content desirable to own. We have carefully studied the market for awhile and feel the time is right to introduce the industry to the upscale side of Exquisite.”

About Exquisite Multimedia, Inc.:

Exquisite Multimedia, Inc. formed in 2001 and quickly became one of the leading producers and distributors of adult entertainment in the world. In order to maintain a competitive role in the top tier of the adult industry, Exquisite Multimedia adopted an inclusive business philosophy catering to all niches and fantasies. Under its umbrella are Juicy Entertainment, Exquisite Films, Extreme Comixxx, Rodney Moore, Venom Digital, Kelly Madison Productions, Darkside Entertainment and more. The wide range of product encompasses everything from high quality features to guerilla style gonzo. Exquisite Multimedia also produces straight, lesbian and transsexual pornography all available on multiple delivery platforms including DVD, Blu-ray™ Disc, mobile, in-house VOD, broadcast and IPTV. For more information about Exquisite Multimedia, Inc. and any of its studios and lines, visit http://www.EXPxxx.com.

About Exquisite Films:

As the high-end studio from Exquisite Multimedia, Inc., Exquisite Films produces some of the largest budgeted films released in adult entertainment. The emphasis on quality and aesthetics attracts female consumers and couples, in addition to male consumers Exquisite Multimedia has long satisfied. Strong, compelling stories compliment passionate, hot sex to create acclaimed movies in the parody and love story genres. Available on multiple platforms, including DVD, in-house VOD, mobile and broadcast, Exquisite Films’ movies are ideally positioned to compete in a market demanding the very best. For more information, visit http://www.ExquisiteFilmsXXX.com (coming soon).

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