UMC’s Virtual Reality Stimulator 3D Receives 3 AVN Nominations

Posted on November 26, 2010


Press Release: Ultra-Magnum Creations received 3 prestigious nominations for the 2011 AVN Award Show: Best POV Sex Scene, Best Online Marketing Campaign and Best 3D Release. The nomination for Best 3D Release is a reward for the years Bijan Ultra and Damon Magnum spent researching and developing their state-of-the-art 3D technology. The Ultra-Magnum Creations collective says, “It’s an honor to be nominated for the AVN 2011 Best 3D award. When we started the company, we agreed our goal was to go straight to the top. A nomination on the biggest stage in the adult industry is a great step towards that goal. ‘Virtual Reality Stimulator 3D’ is the first step towards carving out a niche in the adult industry, and we promise even better is on the way. We look forward to applying everything we’ve learned and providing the world with the highest quality 3D adult DVDs on the market.”

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The rave reviews for Ultra-Magnum Creations’ “Virtual Reality Stimulator 3D” continue to mount. Mainstream and adult media alike are praising the movie’s superior, innovative 3D technology fused with hot sex. With the 2011 award season under way, and the AVN Awards announcing the new category for 3D movies, critics understand true 3D must move beyond the gimmick and supply viewers with a breathtaking experience from start to finish. Giving “Virtual Reality Stimulator 4.5 stars out of 5, AVN Media Network’s Mark Kernes writes, “Ultra Magnum has come up with a superior 3D viewing system—one that delivers truer flesh tones and other colors than the more common anaglyph systems. So kudos on the technological breakthrough…But what about the sex, you ask? That’s pretty damned good as well.” Editor Chris Thorne adds, “In terms of the 3D, [‘Virtual Reality Stimulator 3D’] is appreciably better than the Red / Blue 3D…3D or not, the sex in this scene is sizzling hot…You’ll absolutely want to watch… It shows performers who are present and enjoying what they are doing.”

Bijan Ultra, co-owner of Ultra-Magnum Creations says, “3D porn has been around since the seventies, so we don’t think of ourselves as pioneers. Damon and I are two college grads who saw a niche with so much potential, which hadn’t been properly capitalized on. ‘Virtual Reality Stimulator 3D’ utilizes new developments in 3D to eliminate all headaches associated with the genre. Our goal was simple—create 3D adult movies emphasizing entertainment over novelty. It’s a movie people will watch over and over again, and thanks to Jerry and Juicy Entertainment, everyone will have the chance.”

Damon Magnum, co-owner of Ultra-Magnum Creations adds, “After realizing the available market for quality 3D adult movies, we spent the past several years learning everything we could about stereoscopy and 3D technology. What makes it work? What turns some people away? Without James Cameron’s budget, we had to explore alternate means towards creating a realistic sex experience that engages more of our senses. ‘Virtual Reality Stimulator 3D’ is the culmination of our efforts.”

Danny Gorman, vice president of Juicy Entertainment and Exquisite Multimedia, “Ultra-Magnum was the first studio to present me with a 3D movie that went beyond the gimmick and actually brought the action to life. It made my jaw drop. My first thought was, ‘This is fantastic!’ …Ultra-Magnum Creations’ is off to a very promising start and with much more anticipated titles.

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Juicy Entertainment has over ten years experience providing quality entertainment to adult industry patrons. A straightforward approach to business, plus insight into consumer trends made Juicy a leader in the production and distribution of adult movies. One of the first to adopt high definition formats like Blu-ray™ Disc, Juicy gives consumers the most modern developments in both technology and content. Known for its versatility, Juicy employs a multitude of directors, each specialized in a specific niche, including gonzo, feature, parody and 3D adult movies. With a massive library, Juicy Entertainment delivers sexy and erotic content on an array of delivery platforms for even the most unique and discerning tastes. For more information, visit

About Ultra-Magnum Creations:

Ultra-Magnum Creations combines cutting-edge 3D technology with high-end adult entertainment. Realizing an unfulfilled niche, recent university graduates Bijan and Damon built Ultra-Magnum Creations to produce superior films utilizing 3D to its full potential. Innovative technology and years of research into stereoscopy have created the company’s first production, “Virtual Reality Stimulator 3D”, an immersive experience of the kinkiest kind—the next generation of porn! For more information, visit or

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