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Press Release: The anticipated trailer for Paul Thomas Presents’ “Pervert” is now available. Paul Thomas’ second movie from his independent studio will release November 2 on DVD from LFP Video. Featuring an A-list cast, “Pervert” stars Lily LaBeau, Bobbi Starr, Samantha Ryan, Krissy Lynn, Sarah Shevon, Otto Bauer, Eric Swiss, Anthony Rosano and Derrick Pierce. An uncompromising film, “Pervert” is an intelligent and sexually extreme vision of the deviant behaviors lurking in the back of even the most normal minds. Rob Smith, director of operations for LFP Video says, “Paul Thomas created a trailer perfectly capturing the pace and complexity of his movie, ‘Pervert’. Of course, there’s the hot sex as well. Anyone wondering why PT decided to start his own company only needs to watch the trailer for ‘Pervert’ to understand. He is exploring new ground in his career, and Hustler is proud to distribute his new visions.”

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David Diamond, LFP Video’s national sales manager says, “The trailer is intoxicating. Any e-tailer posting the ‘Pervert’ trailer on its website is going to notice a drastic increase in orders. Its sexy and gritty feel definitely leaves consumers wanting more, a feeling which will only be satisfied by owning the DVD.”

“Pervert” includes two stories of regular people taking their sexual desires to the extreme. Otto Bauer plays Doyle, a Peeping Tom obsessed with Joy (Lily LaBeau). Joy likes to play twisted games too, and it’s not long before she has Doyle on all fours begging to be pleased… or punished. He’ll do anything, as long as he has her attention. Eric Swiss is Robin, a lawyer bored with his life—finding adrenaline rushes from mugging strangers and sleeping with prostitutes. While Psychologist Marion (Samantha Ryan) is supposed to help fix Robin’s abnormal behavior, he ends up pulling her down into his dark world. “Pervert” is unlike anything Paul Thomas has ever done before.

Paul Thomas says, “‘Pervert’ is a glimpse behind the curtain of the human mind, where people hide their filthiest desires. Everyone is guilty of repressing these thoughts because society shames us into thinking perversion is a bad thing. If everyone is having these abnormal thoughts, then maybe they are more normal than we would like to admit. It’s healthy to indulge in deviant behavior every once in awhile.”

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About LFP / Hustler:

Hustler’s radical departure from the norm for men’s magazines both editorially and pictorially gained the national attention of the media and public. Hustler grew to become the third-largest men’s magazine, and one of the top-selling magazines of any field. In 1985, based on the Company’s market awareness and distribution strength, founder Larry Flynt decided to launch a full-scale campaign to expand the Company’s publication line to cover as many diverse fields as possible. Since then, LFP has started or acquired magazines covering lifestyle, hobbies and music. The Company reviews proposals each week for new ventures or hot titles seeking a major publisher. In 1997, LFP launched its Multimedia Division and thereby entered the Internet business. LFP now operates a number of Web sites, including Thus, LFP now offers adult and non-adult material through the medium of the Internet. For more information, visit or

About Paul Thomas:

Paul Thomas is a storyteller, filmmaker and deviant. He is also the most prolific and awarded director in the history of adult entertainment. Paul Thomas’ erotic features have been the gauge of quality XXX movies for over twenty-five years. From timeless classics “Justine” and “Masseuse”, to bestselling re-imaginings of “Debbie Does Dallas”, “Deep Throat” and “The Devil in Miss Jones”, PT has created the most mainstream relevant adult films ever. His new company, Paul Thomas Presents will explore the darker, psychosexual nature of human nature in the most uncompromising and intelligent means possible. For more information, visit

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