The 31st Annual Exotic Erotic Ball and Expo was canceled on Friday.

Posted on October 26, 2010


Press Release: The 2010 Exotic Erotic Ball was canceled on Friday, one day before the annual main event. Thousands of costumed revelers were expected to make an appearance at the Craneway Pavilion on Richmond’s waterfront in San Fransisco for the adult-themed bash.

According to Christopher Buttner, the spokesperson for the Exotic Erotic Ball, “Insufficient ticket sales, unexpected cost overrruns and operational issues led to the event.”

The two-day event described as: “Part Mardi Gras, part burlesque and part rock concert” was scheduled to open products and demonstrations at 4 p.m. on friday. The main attraction, however, being the elaborate pre-Halloween extravaganza which was supposed to feature contests, live music and exotic dance performances.

Buttner said he did not know many tickets had been sold, however a police source set the figure at a few thousand. On the other hand, for the ticket holders, there will be a refund if they follow their bank card procedures.

The 31-year old self-described “Celebration of flesh, fetish and freedom” was first held in San Francisco and has been associated with the Northern Californian city since. However, ten years ago, the ball made a move to Cow Palace in Daly City until this year, which was being held in Richmond.

In August, organizers said “The move across the bay to Richmond would give them more control over concessions, ticketing and other matters.”

Hopefully San Francisco making it to the World Series helped cheer the city up a bit!

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