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Posted on May 29, 2010


Press Release: Chanel Preston’s personally owned and operated website is scheduled for an international launch in the Fall of 2010. The content-rich and fully interactive site will be the only place to find thousands of sexy, exclusive photos of the young and beautiful Chanel Preston, as well as podcasts, live webcam shows, behind-the-scenes videos and more. One of the newest stars in adult entertainment, Chanel is also considered one of the hottest. Her keen business mind has helped her redefine a woman’s role within the industry by owning her own content and brand, and being her own boss. “I think Chanel has all the star qualities that could lead to an incredible future in this business if she wants it,” says Dan Miller, executive editor at AVN. “So creating a personal web destination for her to connect with her growing number of fans is a natural. If her site reflects her personality, it should be a slam-dunk.”

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Including innovative technological options on is important to Chanel Preston, however she understands that a large array of photos and videos are the foundation of a truly standout website. Chanel is busy shooting with many of the top photographers in the world to build up her content. Famed photographer Tammy Sands comments, “Chanel possesses so many intriguing looks that I could photograph her for weeks straight and never run out of unique sets. As a photographer and model, we are definitely in tune with each other. I’m glad to see Chanel has exercised so much foresight and control over her career because it will be a wonderful one.”

Since her start in the adult industry in January 2010, Chanel Preston spends hours each day interacting with fans online and revealing the private life of a rising star. Chanel is active on social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and Myspace, and she is one of the most prolific bloggers on “I look at the popularity of social networking sites and blogs and know I need to utilize aspects of those in building my website—make it as interactive and social as possible, so I can take personal requests from members,” says Chanel Preston. “Of course it’s also important to have a ton of content. The content will definitely be a reflection of my personality, with a good mix of beautiful, artistic sets and hardcore, deviant sets. I’ll even make sure my site has the dirtiest, nastiest scenes of me available anywhere. I want my absolute, unabashed love of sex to be apparent!”

Known for her work ethic on set, Chanel Preston is bringing the same energy and effort to the creation of her website. Top industry personalities have praised Chanel from the start. Photographer Earl Miller says, “I have been photographing women for over thirty-six years. Chanel Preston is one of the most gifted models that I have had the privilege of working with.” A. Moreno of Mad Creativity states, “Once in awhile I come across a model that has the potential and talent to make an impact in the industry, and Chanel Preston is that model. I was impressed with both her professionalism and charm.” Evan Seinfeld of Rockstar Pornstar adds, “Every once in awhile, the adult industry produces a superstar. Chanel Preston is that caliber of girl.”

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Delicate beauty—the symbolic meaning of Hawaii’s hibiscus—is apropos when describing tanned goddess Chanel Preston. Chanel’s long, slender legs and large, full breasts attract lustful stares and obsession about the sweetness of her own flower. However, the similarities between Chanel and the delicate hibiscus stop there. Before wading through the waves on the beaches of Hawaii, the 24-year-old Chanel absorbed the strength and independence derived from a childhood in central Alaska. As a result, the exotic looking stunner has an impulsive, adventuresome personality befitting of a Sagittarius, which makes her a natural performer, eager to amaze. For more information, visit,, or

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