Updates on Dana Hayes: She needs a place to stay and someone to take in her dog.

Posted on May 10, 2010


Thank you to passmeby for leaving these comments:

    Hello, Does anyone have a Moter Home/Trailor? Perhaps willing to rent to own or swap? If so please pm Luvinlioness.

    A guest house? I have had some set backs and am travelling with my dog and need to get out of motels. I would appreciate some help.

    I have reached my deadline and must find a home for my best friend Lucky. Will some one who is kind and loving and someone who has a yard and a home take this wonderful dog.

    He is going to be 5 in August and is a big dog, mixed breed and is so good. He is never ever bad and he is very loyal. He will have a hard time for a while as i am all he has but i cannot care for him anymore. Today is my last day in a motel and then we will be nomeless. I want him to have a better life than i can give him.Please pm me before noon Monday as i no longer will have internet.

    I was blessed to have Lucky and you will love him.

    Thank you, Luvinlioness Dana Hayes


    From: Dana Hayes Mature Porn…

    Date: May 6, 2010 7:01 PM

    Subject: No friends

    Body: I have asked for help and have gotten none. People prey on those who are down

    I cannot go on like this anymore. Please forget the positive thought BS as i have been trying to keep a positive outlook for so long ..the truth is… you need

    friends and family and i have neither.,.Positive thoughts help your mood and help disquise what you are really going threw so your friends do not have to see it and then they do not have to get involved and actually help.

    My situation is very complex and when you have nothing nowadays it just will not improve unless a person has help of some kind. Well i have now faced the fact that no help is coming for me.

    I need to ask for my dog Lucky …please someone who is kind open your heart and give my Lucky a home. He needs a big yard and he will bless your life as he has blessed mine. He is all i have and you will never find a better dog.

    I am now asking for Lucky.

    I cannot live feeling so all alone and sad and poor. I have no work and cannot support myself anymore. I am so disappointed that no one in my life will help.

    I guess i was not liked. Please someone do not let the humane society

    take the life of this angel who was sent to me i believe by someone up above. Unfortunately i have let him down. Give him a chance he will reward you!

    Sincerely Dana Hayes

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