Updates on many who have passed away.

Posted on April 22, 2010


I don’t know why but I’m just finding two folders of bookmarks now that I never posted here before. One for people who have passed away and another for contract girls. And everything in it is already old news. But I’ll try to finally get the other folder put together by this weekend.

** This was the very first blog story I ever posted here. 18-year-old nude model Zoey Zane, real name Emily Sander, was murdered on November 2007. Evidence showed she had been raped, sodomized, her face beaten beyond recognition, stabbed in the chest, and strangled.

24-year-old Israel Mireles and his pregnant 16-year-old girlfriend Victoria Martens fled to Mexico where he has family. They were captured a month later in Mexico. Victoria wasn’t charged while Israel had been finally extradited from Mexico six months later. He was only returned with the agreement that he couldn’t be given the death penalty.

Victoria testified that he was always nice to her, never violent, and never hurt her. Israel took the stand and testified that someone else had murdered Emily and he was scared and figured the first person they’d blame would be him.

A jury convicted Israel Mireles on February 12, 2010 of capital murder, sodomy and rape. He was sentenced last month to life without parole.

** David Aaron Clark sent off in non-porny fashion.

** David Aaron Clark Memorial (video)

** RIP Jamie Gillis, a fond remembrance of the gifted adult actor, director, and porn entrepreneur.

** Anny Castro was killed in a car crash August 9, 2009. She was only 26 — AdultDVDTalk via xxxPornTalk

** Industry legend Aunt Peg passes away. Aunt Peg’s Final Word, A Friend’s Remembrance & Pictures.

** Actual “WITCH” Note Left On Aunt Peg’s door.

** Feature dancer Erika Eve passed away. She died in her sleep. She was only 33.

** Erika Eve Passes Away – UPDATE

** Update on Lorissa McComas who passed away this December.

** Arrests made in the Damien Michael murder case? So claims girlfriend in ‘net post.

** Cops confirm two arrests in the Damien Michaels murder case but won’t name names.

** 1989 Playboy Playmate Jennifer Lynn Jackson-Thompson found dead from drug overdose.

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