Karen Stagliano is pregnant … again.

Posted on April 22, 2010



Karen and her husband John Stagliano are both HIV positive. Karen has been HIV positive since 1998 while John has been since 1997.

They already have a biological nine-year-old daughter when they both knew their HIV status. Luckily the child came through it healthy and wasn’t infected by her parents. No condoms or protection of any kind. Selfishness running amok without a care in the world to the health & safety of their unborn baby. Not only do both parents have HIV, but they both take very powerful drugs that has kept them as healthy as they’ve been throughout all these years.

Now Karen is four months pregnant. You can read about it on her XCritic blog.

John’s obscenity trial starts this summer. Karen’s doctor has put her on temporary bed rest but she plans on flying to be with him this summer when she’ll be six months pregnant. This is an already high-risk pregnancy. But adding flying to it all doesn’t faze anyone.

Who are these doctors that treat women who continue to get pregnant knowing full well their HIV status? Is it the money that makes these “doctors” turn a blind eye to Russian Roulette? Karen and John were extremely lucky that nothing horrific happened to their daughter. Now they want to test fate again and have another child. Children are born everyday addicted to drugs, alcohol, and nicotine. Then you have the other children born with whatever lesser STDs they contracted from their parents. Who are these doctors that keep on approving of Karen Stagliano’s pregnancies? Why does she think she’s entitled to keep on having biological children? Adopt or take in foster children. You have the money to help so many children who desperately need homes. Why would you role the dice again by having another child?

What if John is convicted of all charges and is sent to prison? Karen is then left to raise two children on her own while her husband serves out a prison sentence. Why bring another child into all of this at this time?

Is there some sort of magic pill that wealthy people take that will create healthy babies even though both parents are HIV positive? Because since no one in the Stagliano household is practicing responsibility and using some sort of protection, then maybe someone else can invest in this miracle treatment that will help all the less fortunate children who are born HIV positive every single day in this country and around the world.

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