Jenna Jameson plays the morality card and attacks Playmate Kendra Wilkinson.

Posted on April 22, 2010



Jenna Jameson decided to play the morality card this past weekend on her Twitter and condemn Playmate & reality television star Kendra Wilkinson saying she was setting a bad example for her child. You might be thinking if Kendra abused or neglected her son in some way. No, nothing at all. The horrific act that shocked Jenna Jameson of all people was Kendra dancing & shaking her ass fully clothed on stage during a Too Short concert (pictured above).

Since Jenna had her twins boys a year ago, she wants us all to believe she’s turned into the Mother Teresa of porn and changed her devilish ways. Though news surfaced of Jenna posing for Playboy eight months ago the same week she had posed for her new PETA ad. I haven’t seen any of those Playboy photos yet and she never denied the story. And I highly doubt Playboy would allow Jenna Jameson to pose with her clothes on. She had claimed to never go nude again after having her children. But it’s still Playboy that any self-proclaimed “devout Catholic” would never pose for even fully clothed.

Jenna even started taunting Kendra’s own mother on Twitter:

lolololol……. Wow….. Mommies mad!

@Xnjgirl you better be done with the Kendra bashing!Kendra is a great mom and a great person……hmmmmm ??????

Jenna claims to be friends with Kendra, loves her, and just wants to offer guidance. But in reality, it’s Jenna being jealous that Kendra is more popular than she is and has her second reality show while Jenna has tried for years to get her own reality show off the ground but can’t. She even claimed that she had been filming a reality show a year ago for VH1 that would air that summer. It never aired.

Jenna’s popularity stalled after the way she had left the porn industry and it’s been going downhill ever since. There’s been no movie of her life that she claimed Scarlett Johansson would win The Academy Award for if she took the part. There’s also been no reality show and no boutique she and Heatherette fashion designer Richie Rich were opening together in New York. Jenna is now basically known as just Tito Ortiz’s girlfriend.

It seems Jenna gets more press now for attacking celebrities on her Twitter. If she’s not criticizing Traci Lords’ music or calling Chuck Liddell an alcoholic, she’s taking it upon herself to educate young Hollywood mothers on motherhood. Though she herself is also a new mother.

Kendra is a new mother and a new wife. Her life has also been uprooted when her husband Hank Baskett gets traded to another team & new city. If she wants to go out for a night and attend a concert and go up on stage and dance/shake her ass fully clothed, then she has the right to do so. Her husband probably went with her for all we know. Don’t thumb your nose down at anyone when it’s more so you being jealous of her being more famous than you are.

Jenna has also come out attacking anyone who puts their children in magazines which includes Kendra. But Jenna saw no problem exposing her twins on the Oprah Winfrey show which has a bigger audience than any entertainment magazine. The story behind that might really be that none of them wanted to put Jenna’s children in their magazines. It’s nothing against her children but more so the editors thinking the parents are not famous enough to be featured. Ashlee Simpson’s father couldn’t get any of those magazine’s to run her & husband Pete Wentz’s first child’s baby pictures. Ashlee and Pete later gave the pictures away for free.

If Jenna thinks shaking your ass suddenly makes you a bad role model for your child, then just IMAGINE what she thinks of the mothers in the porn industry. Miss morality has done far worse than anything Kendra has ever done but publicly attacks another mother which now has opened the doors to Jenna being attacked for the sole reason of being a former porn star. She claims to be retired but she can never be retired if she still gets a pay check from this industry.

Jenna’s usual daily routine on Twitter is attacking someone, she then complains that people are being mean to her though she started the entire thing, and then she goes on a banning spree blocking anyone who had said anything negative against her in retaliation. Jenna played victim this weekend but she was the one who started the entire thing. Everyone is a hater and they’re all jealous of her. But she is the biggest hater of them all and jealous of anyone more famous & successful than she and Tito are.

Jenna got what she wanted though. She got the publicity. Many of the celebrity blogs picked up on the story. Below are many of her tweets from that weekend ending with her thinking of who next to talk about:

April 17th:

I have to say one last thing. I think it’s weird when new moms act exactly the way they did when they didn’t have babies. It’s sad….

@slave4gaga I am embarrassed for her

@KylieATaylor Its possible to have fun without looking like a fool

@aldaalicia Kendra is my friend… But, things change once your a mom… You don’t see me out acting like a heathen

@_shanna I think I made it known… She needs some guidance

@JTEONJ They can talk about my parenting… It’s the number one thing in. My life… Not acting like a teenager

@GuruGDB I agree, I love how free she is… That’s why I love her. But, sometimes we all make bad decisions!

@sweett20tora Im not saying what she did is wrong… I just pointed out that things should change once you have children!

@GuruGDB I inspire,by giving advice It was a bad choice in my opinion to do a booty dance in front of a thousand people.Thats the OLD Kendra

@sweett20tora I disagree with being a mom and in the public eye, and acting like a teenager. It’s important to set a good example

@pologurl66 don’t be dumb… I changed my ways once I became a mom.

@jossiev29 agreed… I just stated my opinion. I myself would never let magazines put my kids on covers. They didn’t ask for fame

@MonicaMaurer I am not HATING on her! Good lord. I just don’t agree with shaking your ass like a groupie 5months after giving birth.

@jemafleming i agree, but I think it’s a bit ridiculous. We’ve seen her do that a thousand times before. I like that shes a mommy now…

@Mistress_Raye see, those is what I’m. Trying to say. I’m not against being crazy, just do it in the bedroom alone, once your a mommy

@jemafleming yeah, I told myself, once I’m a mommy, my life is all about them. No more silly selfish stuff. They are my world.

@jossiev29 I never spoke out against “me” time. Trust me, I want me time. But, acting like a crazed groupie… Is weird. PERIOD

@pologurl66 did I call her a bad mom? No! I said it was a bit old school Kendra. I thought she would act different, but oh well

@MonicaMaurer I agree, she didn’t do it to hurt anyone, and I’m sure she had a blast. I just think it was a bad choice

@MonicaMaurer no worries… I just am very protective of kids. So, I just spoke my mind

@jossiev29 well, I hope she cuts that silly shit,and shows everyone a new cool mommy side!

@realocchick exactly! I save it for my man…. Feels good to turn over a new leaf

@emmabing I didn’t want to use my children as a poy to get press… Too many celebs do that.

@lilylms the key word is EX porn star. I cha GED my ways many year,s ago. And I would never act like that after being a mommy

@0liviamarieE I’m a mommy now, I vowed to be a good role model.. Things should change once you become a mom. That’s MY opinion

@BugsMcGill I retired many years ago… Its important to change when. You become a mommy

@ShelbieLove it’s called truthfulness… No reason to lie. I believe being a mom has major responsibilities. I voiced my opinion. Nuff said

@nicoleeciccone at least I’m woman enough to think of my children and stop acting out. There is something to be said for that.

@nicoleeciccone yup, I agree… I just said my opinion. Wasn’t trying to offend. I lived a long life, and I wish someone would have told me

@LukeIsBack it seriously gets so old. But it just means people care. So I’m good with that. Good or bad, at least they talk about me;)

@DaBuni funny how people bag me for being a porn star, but don’t recognize what she did to get ahead…

@MsAngNicole at least I’m not at a too short concert shaking my ass!

@MsAngNicole this isn’t a teem thing, grow the he’ll up. I voiced my opinion. Once you become a mommy, certain things don’t look good.

RT @FriaRos: I wouldn’t shake my ass on stage like that w/ or w/ out kids @KendraWilkinson. I’ve 2 agree …

Hmmmm, who can I talk about next? I kid, I kid…. Lol

Picture Sources: TwitPic and TweetPhoto

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