Janine Lindemulder’s husband Jeremy says he’s not a racist. Exclusive statement.

Posted on March 24, 2010


I contacted Jeremy and asked if he would like to issue a statement about all the rumors that he’s racist and anti-semitic. Thank you!

My Email:

    I’m probably one of the handful of people left in the porn industry that supports Janine. I did for a while have many taking her side in her custody case until she married you. When she married you and the pictures started surfacing of you in prison having your little Klan meeting, the tide turned against Janine and many turned on her and how Jesse and Sandra should get sole custody of Janine’s daughter.

    News is breaking now of pictures being shopped around of Jesse James decked out as a Nazi. Which means he’ll never work in Hollywood again. haha So now I’m hoping the tide will come back and support Janine again like how it was before. But you’re still in the picture. What I want to know is, whether you’ll tell the truth or not or even reply back, but are you racist or anti-semitic and what’s the explanation of those prison photos? Were you like that before prison or did you start while in prison in order to survive prison life? And what were you in prison for?

    If you’re a bonafied Klan member, that doesn’t say much about Janine’s taste in men being with Jesse and now you. But I feel if you were really full fledged into the Aryan Nation, why would you ever marry a porn star which goes against everything you stand for? And not just any porn star. But one of the most well known porn stars.

    If you reply, I’ll also try getting your statement on other porn blogs and forums. If your statement makes Janine look worse, then I won’t run anything. Thank you!

Jeremy’s reply:

    I’m going to keep this short. I have never been a part of the Klan nor do I support them. They are just a fucking bunch of rednecks. And as far as who I am in prison, that’s a completely different thing. You have to do what you have to do in prison. You roll with the punches. Everyone in prison are racists and yes I used to have a lot of hate in me but that’s not who I am anymore. I am way too educated for all that shit.

    All I care about in my life are my kids and bringing them up right and Janine. I am a family man now. People change. Just because I was a certain way in the past doesn’t mean I will always be that way. And for the record, I was in prison for possession of firearms and I had a previous case of manufacturing meth, but like I said that’s not me anymore. I am drug free and will remain that way. It’s not something that I will ever go back to. So despite what people think they know about Janine and I, they don’t know us. We are both good people and we both want the same things in life. Now if people choose to believe me or not, I don’t care.

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