A woman attacked Shawna Lenee on set before filming her first ever anal scene.

Posted on March 24, 2010



A blind item of this event first appeared on AdultFYI here and here.

Shawna was scheduled to film her first anal scene with Nick Manning in Miami two weeks ago for Josh Stone’s production company. Shawna claims the set was completely unprofessional and nothing was getting done for days.

Then one day, Josh’s sister pulled Shawna out of a car by her arm and hair because Shawna had hung up on her earlier in the day when they were talking on the phone. Shawna was about to go to the police station but was offered more money if she didn’t file the report and continue filming the scene. Shawna stayed and finished her first anal scene with Nick and loved it.

Now the check Josh wrote out to Shawna bounced last week. Her bank also closed her account for ten days because of the bounced check and possibly ruing her credit with the bank.

They got one of the biggest names in the industry to film her first anal scene with them and this happens. Is this how you treat one of the top female porn stars out there? Of course you do. It’s porn and the women are treated like third class citizens, lied to, abused, and taken advantage of. The industry has the bad image it does not just by the outside public but from first hand account from its performers. You need them more than they need you! But shit like this continues to happen with no end in sight.

Maybe more porn stars should file reports to the state’s labor department the way Penny Flame filed a report against Metro to the California Labor Board.

The timeline from Shawna’s Twitter chronicling what happened that day can be read after the jump.

March 6th

In Miami for the week! This is a GREAT movie we are working on! Check out joshStoneXXX.com

Hanging out with Sadie West in the hotel! All my FAV guys are here in MIA with us for the week! Nick Manning, Evan Stone, AND Tommy Gunn!!

My 1ST ANAL scene is on the 9th!! ;D ;D

Just ate at a restaurant on Lincoln Rd. with my best friend forever Nick Manning.

In Miami w the hottest ppl in the world! 🙂

Just got done w mine and Evan Stone’s honeymoon softcore sex scene. 🙂 it was a lot of fun.

Okay. I’m gonna say this ONCE because I’m losing my patience. My anal scene WILL ONLY be scene on Fyre TV.

This production company sucks so bad- a cpl ppl have already quit. Thank god I didn’t do anal for this crazy company.

@RachelStarrxxx lol girl we haven’t got anything accomplished since two days ago when I last saw u! Hahah

@Nicholas2412 this company doesn’t deserve my first anal. Lol and I just raised what its worth to 50 grand.

Wowwww. A crew member just wanted 2 “brawl” w me in the middle of a high end neighborhood. vry embarrassing ths ppl R. Lol I’m going home.

I’m getting calls to accept an apology at this point. But its proudly unaccepted.

Coffee, cigarette, police station to file report about the arm grab and hair pulling I received.

Looks like I’m getting a huge compensation in return for not filing a report. 🙂 ill take it 🙂

@RachelStarrxxx yea mika did. Josh wanted to. Franco is here. Andreas is on his way and we then we r negotiating $$ies soon.

@kindofabigdeal I complained about waiting for a call for two days to perform. And this chick didn’t take that so well. Lol

@RachelStarrxxx lol I’m cool. Surprizingly I was cool throughout this whole ordeal. Rly proud of myself 🙂

Sitting and waiting to see what’s gonna happen.

Going home 🙂 these ppl r not the smartest team. Or anywhere close.

@KMHOPS1970 lol my day is going fine. I’m not the one who f’ed up so its actually pretty funny to me.

@RachelStarrxxx I hung up on mika because I was walking back and forth from the lobby to my room. 3 times in an hour. And that made her mad

@RachelStarrxxx lol she said no one disrespects her by hanging out so.. That’s where she started getting pretty ghetto.

@PichunterDotCom josh stone productions. Joshstonexxx.com

@PichunterDotCom josh’s sister is the one who pulled me outta the car by my arm and ponytail.

This is the last chance for this company to shoot My first anal. Of course, they were sposed to be here an hour ago. Wow.

@WMGREENWOOD lol I’ve had that feeling all week and its a sucky one!

@jagus61 lol I made them give me 4 grand more lol

Alriiiiiight! After much waiting and drama and more $$ies… I have accomplished my first anal scene 🙂 and it was an amazing scene! Lols

@LizzXXXTayler it was so much easier to take Nick than to take a toy lol

March 17

Holy shit. The check from my anal scene bounced. What. The. Fuck. Josh stone wrote me a bad check.

Sometimes Ppl make it very difficult for me to trust. I don’t know why I still do it- but I do.

Really p’ed off that I can’t withdraw money from my bank acct for ten business days. These guys totally screwed me.

@KMHOPS1970 because a handwritten check for a large amount just bounced in my acct. I would do the same if I was a bank.

Marcg 18th

still waiting on payment was sposed to be in my account at 9am. 😦

March 21st

@kyds3k not yet. I’m getting “tomorrow” as my answer daily.

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