Jenna Jameson claims to have lost three babies last week.

Posted on March 23, 2010



    Jenna Jameson, former porn star, used Twitter to announce the loss of three babies she was carrying. The 35-year-old had surgery earlier this week to remove two ectopic pregnancies from her fallopian tubes. She also had a third fetus in her uterus.

    Jenna Jameson’s Twitter message: “Had surgery today for a double ectopic pregnancy [also] had a pregnancy in my uterus. This is so insane. I just wanted to get this off my chest.”

    Jenna Jameson and her partner Tito Ortiz have twin sons whose first birthday fell on the same day Jameson had the surgery to remove the three fetuses, March 16, 2010. The twins’ names are Jesse Jameson and Journey Jett.

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