Jessie Jewels retires and joins The Pink Cross. Shelley Lubben writes to Oprah Winfrey.

Posted on November 22, 2009


You can read Shelley Lubben’s letter to Oprah Winfrey about Oprah’s recent porn special at

Jessie Jewels’s full story at

    Hi, my name is Amber AKA Jessie Jewels. I was involved in the porn industry for a short period of time. Let me tell you something, it’s not anything great, that’s for sure. I hurt people who loved me when I did that raunchy stuff. I was fooled by dollar signs and false illusion. I was gullible enough to believe that it wouldn’t hurt me. Now, I pay the consequences of what I have done.

    People in the porn industry are numb to real life and are like zombies walking around doing what they have become so accustomed to. It’s really sad. It’s really painful to see. You have no idea how badly their feelings have been hurt. The abuse that goes on in this industry is completely ridiculous. The way these young ladies are treated is totally sick and brainwashing. I left due to the trauma I experienced even through that short time. The industry forgets that these little girls are human and no human on earth deserves to be abused such as they are.

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