Former Miss California Carrie Prejean has a sex tape.

Posted on November 4, 2009



This is the woman who gave her anti-gay marriage speech at the Miss USA pageant where she was the runner-up. She then went on national television saying how she has lived her life in a biblical way. So of course that means she has skeletons in her closet which would eventually all come out.

It was revealed the Miss California Organization paid for her breast implants which no one living her life in a biblical way would ever do. Then semi-nude pictures were released but she played victim and said she was young, naive, and there was only that one picture. Of course other pictures from that set were later released. Another different set of pictures were released where she was topless but she blamed the photographer for taking advantage of her & also blamed the wind for blowing off her shirt.

After terrorizing the Miss California & Miss USA Organizations, Donald Trump fired her because she wasn’t doing her job and never asked permission for anything she booked for herself as Miss California. They actually had to hire the Miss California runner-up to do Carrie’s job. She then sued the pageants for a million dollars accusing them all of religious discrimination. The Miss California Organization countersued saying they wanted their five thousand dollars back for the breast implants they paid for.

Carrie has now dropped her suit against the pageants after pageant lawyers showed a homemade sex tape she had made! hahahahaha

Her new book of living her life for Jesus as a conservative Christian and being the virgin queen attacked for her religious believes will be released Monday. The book should never be released and the pageant should be suing her for all the money they’ve wasted on the mess she created. But she’ll deny everything publicly and once again blame religious persecution.

TMZ is reporting they were handed this sex tape months ago but turned it down because it was so graphic and racy. Release that sex tape people and release it NOW!

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