Damien Michaels found murdered in a Woodland Hills motel.

Posted on October 31, 2009


Damien Michaels

53-year-old Damien Michaels was found stabbed to death in his Comfort Inn motel room across from Taft High School on Ventura Boulevard. There isn’t much on the case yet that I can find. Gene Ross has up this story earlier but no information has followed yet.

myfoxla.com has a video of the crime scene and Damien’s body being taken out. Director/producer Rob Spallone is interviewed and he’s known Damien for years. He says he’s not surprised Damien was murdered. In the video, Damien says he recruits young girls at supermarkets and bus stops and that’s what he’s known to do in the business. While porn insiders say in recent years Damien acted more as a pimp bringing young girls into the industry.

Here is a Youtube video of Damien talking about he got started in mainstream Hollywood and porn.

I found this comment at topix.com by someone named Courtney:

    That man had a name!! That man was a human being! and That man was loved!! That man was Michael Conoscenti a.k.a Damien Michaels who wasnt just living hotel to hotel.So we had a string of bad luck and we were just comeing out of the hole we were in. We were going to move into our new house that morning.

    Micheal did so much in his short life,he won two American Music Awards he was a beautiful musician,actor,and an all around talanted man, A genius of a man who could get anyone to do whatever he wanted all the while makeing you think it was your idea to do it in the first place He had an art he was an art He is loved and will be missed beyond belief Micheal I love you more then life!!Always Courtney

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