Someone named Lia is Vivid’s newest contract girl.

Posted on August 13, 2009




Thank you to gfunkunit at Twitter for tipping me off and sending me the link to the news that the rumors of Vivid hiring a new contract girl are true!

Here we go again. First Vivid hires A.J. Bailey three months ago. She had only done a handful of girl/girl videos. Who? Yes, exactly! Now 26-year-old Lia from is Vivid’s newest unknown.

First, change your damn bio on that website because you are not 19 anymore and you’re just lying to the consumer. Second, why is Vivid hiring another blonde and another unknown when there are so many more deserving women out there to give this contract to? Third, why is Vivid hiring another unknown who has never done hardcore porn or boy/girl porn? It’s like they’re vampires looking for fresh blood to suck and destroy.

A.J. Bailey had never performed with a man on film before her contract. Lia hasn’t even done hardcore and has now been plucked out of obscurity and given this contract. Though there are many stories out there that she has done hardcore boy/girl photo stills a few years ago. They have never surfaced while others have said all evidence of hardcore images of her were bought up.

I have always said that contracts should be a reward for the women who have paid their dues in this business and the contract is their reward.

Lia, A.J., Nikki Jayne, and Hanna Hilton had no prior hardcore on-camera experience before Vivid. No wonder Vivid is a shell of its former self! You hire women that have no idea what to do on camera instead of hiring the experienced women in this industry that know what to do and how to perform.

Stop hiring women that no one has ever heard of before and had no on-camera hardcore experience before! I have absolutely nothing against these women at all. But from a business level, Vivid has once again failed. Everyone of their girls, except for Meggan Mallone and Sunny Leone, are white and blonde. Where is the variety?

There are so many experienced women in this industry that would love and appreciate a Vivid contract. It would open up more doors for them where they could make more money in other parts of the entertainment industry. The women in porn must be ripping out their hair every time another unknown girl gets a contract when that contract should be going to them as a reward for their hard work.

You’re not running a modeling agency. You’re running a hardcore porn company where the priority should be on performing and not on how they look.

Lia responds to the news at the forum. There you can also read the press release Vivid has released.

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