This one is for Billy.

Posted on June 19, 2009




Someone is upset with all the anti-Sharon Mitchell & AIM talk on my blog. If Billy thinks it’s bad here, then they should take a look at the forums. Billy is also upset that I haven’t talked yet about how county public health officials backtracked saying they don’t know if those who tested positive since 2004 were actively working in the industry at the time. But they are saying the 16 first reported last week is now up to 18 since the Darren James case in 2004.

Sharon Mitchell and AIM say all those cases are either civilians or new performers just getting into porn and were quickly told they are HIV positive. AIM wants us to think all those cases couldn’t possibly be porn veterans. If that’s the case, then the outside world would know STDs are rampant throughout the industry. So instead, they read from their script and say all those cases since 2004 are non-performers and how AIM came to the rescue and saved the porn industry from HIV.

But the fact still remains a woman was allowed to work with an old AIM test and Sharon Mitchell said nothing for an entire week until only after the story started appearing on the forums. We also don’t know what this woman was told or if she was told by others on set the test came back clean. But we do know, according to Mike South, that AIM is threatening the performers involved if they talk which makes me believe most of the blame lies at AIM’s doorstep. If AIM is innocent in all of this, then why not allow those performers to talk? Those performers could still be working if the story didn’t appear on the forums. Sharon Mitchell is still not cooperating with health officials and that’s why they secretly paid AIM a visit this Wednesday.

I have a life outside this blog. I am also not paid for any of this. I don’t run every story the second after I read it. I sometimes wait till I see other sources and also try to ask around if anyone else knows anything more. I am also not a natural born writer. Many complained that all I did at the beginning of this blog was cut & paste. So I have tried for many months to write my own stories which does take time for someone who isn’t a writer.

This blog is also not the HIV blog. I write about other things and the various things happening with other porn stars. That also takes time. I still haven’t blogged yet about last week’s Erotica LA convention and the F.A.M.E. Awards. Because I am busy with other things and have a home and family to raise. So what I post may be a bit late.

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