Jayden Jaymes is confused.

Posted on May 13, 2009


Jayden Jaymes red bra


When Jayden isn’t complaining about dirty hookers, she finds the time to complain about Evil Angel and working on Saturdays. First she started off by complaining that she had to work on a Saturday. Why would anyone in porn complain about having to work when it’s so hard for any performer to find work these days? All she does is complain and says she’s been blacklisted and everyone hates her in the industry though it seems she’s still in demand. Can’t you just shut the fuck up and find something more important to complain about?

Then she complains about the call time. She hoped it would have been at nine in the morning but it turned out to be at one in the afternoon. So she has a problem with sleeping in late on a weekend? She had thought of turning down Evil Angel because she didn’t want to work on a weekend and so early in the morning. Evil Angel is a top company while she’s not that well known. These companies want her for whatever reason but once again she’s complaining.

Jayden then complains about the other girl she was shooting with is the director’s girlfriend. Because this is so uncommon, right? Then is shocked that they start rolling joints and drinking beer. The horror! Drugs and alcohol on a porn set?? Next you’ll be telling me wrestlers are on steroids! Many of the girls say they smoke pot on set so they can be relaxed and get through a scene. I would be surprised if there wasn’t drugs on porn sets!

She then critiques the professionalism of Evil Angel for allowing such atrocities on set. Though Jayden is one of the most unprofessional women in porn I’ve heard about recently. She then has the nerve to call her agent and complain to him about Evil Angel’s lack of professionalism. She goes on to complain that the girl she had sex with was quiet during their shoot and hardly make any noise. Yeah maybe because you’re constant complaining ruined the mood for her and you did nothing for her sexually either!

Pick your battles and complain about something important. Were you abused by any of the men on set like so many of the female performers are everyday? Little miss spoiled princess isn’t happy unless she’s complaining about something and making someone’s day miserable. And you wonder why people hate you!

But here’s the problem with this story. Jayden Jaymes is an airhead and didn’t even know which studio she was working for that day. She claims she was working for Evil Angel where drugs and alcohol were being used on set. Evil Angel’s Karen Stagliano tells Gene Ross something different:

    Hi Gene- I just spoke with Jayden’s agency. She was working for a different company other than Evil Angel this past Saturday. She thought it was an Evil Angel shoot because there was an ex-Evil Angel production manager on set.

    A-List was really great and let me know that they would ask her to remove any Evil Angel references in that story on her blog.

Evil Angel’s name is still mentioned on Jayden’s blog.

From Jayden’s blog:

    I spent my Saturday (yesterday) on set. Ugh! I HATE to work Saturdays, but it was for Evil Angel and I don’t turn down DVD shoots. (My goal for the year was to shoot more DVDs.) But, I probably should’ve turn this one down. Originally, I was hoping I’d have an early call time of 9am or so, but my call time ended up being 1pm! Okay… so I was hoping the other girl would already be there and ready so we could be out of there earlier. Nope. I was the first one there. Whatever.

    The makeup artist got there soon after I did and she got to work on my face. By 1:30 or so, the director got there with the other female talent (it was a girl/girl scene) who, apparently, is his girlfriend. First thing they starting doing: Rolling joint, packing bowls, opening beers… WOW!!! For such a big named company, this was sure a lack of professionalism. Don’t get me wrong, smoking is relaxing sometimes, but this is WORK, not a PLAY DATE! I was PISSED!

    After my makeup was done, I stepped out side to get some FRESH air. I called my agent and complained while I was at it. They made a call to the director about my complaints and he said they’d tone it down and get to work. Yeah, right! After apologizing to me, they continued! It took almost 5 hours for 2 girls to go through makeup and take pictures! It should’ve have taken more than 3 1/3 hours. I just sat there, grumpy, not talking to anyone. But, when it came time to shoot the scene, I fucked the shit out of that girl! Funny, the director kept telling me how much she loves girls and everything, and she was soooooo QUIET during the scene! Even when she ‘came’… hardly a peep! Whatever. I rocked it! Then I packed up my things and got the hell out of there!

    Thankfully, I have today off, along with tomorrow, so I can relax a bit. I don’t think I have another day off for about 2 weeks. But, I’ve got a 5-day vacation with my sister in New York City later this month, so I’ll pack in the work beforehand.

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