Something tells me the divorce between Eva Angelina and Danny Mountain won’t be going that smoothly.

Posted on April 25, 2009



Danny’s sister Alicia Mountain’s has this to say on her Myspace page:

Alicia Mountain thinks its sick how girls use babys as weapons it will only shoot them in the foot in the long run the kids WILL find out

Her page says she’s a nanny living in California and wants to find a rich man to take care of her. They’re both from England and are both in the United States I assume on a work visa. I believe the main reason Danny married Eva is so he can get his green card. His sister is here only because she’s working as a nanny. Now friends of Danny and Eva are saying:

“He was the one who filed for divorce first. Some say for immigration purposes. He has a plan so he can stay in the country.”

I’m not a lawyer but I believe you have to stay married for several years in order to even apply for a green card. If it was that easy, many more Americans would be marrying foreigners so to help them legally stay here. And 14 months of marriage is no way long enough to be able to stay here and become a citizen. That’s why you see many women from other countries who marry American men staying married for several years and only stay in abusive marriages so they won’t lose out on getting their citizenship.

He beats a woman that just gave birth three months ago. He’s a substance abuser and rumored drug addict. Eva’s daughter was probably in the home when she was being abused. And Eva now has a restraining order out on Danny. That alone can get him deported. But his sister is placing the blame all on Eva. If his sister’s Myspace message isn’t aimed at Eva, then who is it aimed at? It’s too much of a coincidence that the message is up now after this has all transpired.

If his sister is a nanny and cares for children that much, then how can she support any man who beats his wife with the child possibly at home? He’s beating his wife and would probably start abusing the child soon after. If he doesn’t physically and sexually abuse his daughter soon, witnessing your mother being battered and abused is child abuse. Eva’s daughter would only know violence. When she’s older, the type of men she would date would be just like her father – drunks, drug addicts, and abusers. If violence is all her daughter witnessed while growing up, then what makes anyone think she would find herself in a healthy, stable relationship as an adult?

At least Eva left quickly and took her daughter and didn’t stay thinking he’ll change. They rarely change and it will just get worse. Kudos to Eva for having the strength to leave and not allow her daughter to be a part of this cycle.

To Danny and Alicia Mountain, don’t let the door hit your ass on the drive back to the airport after you both get deported.

Picture Source: Gia Jordan and G.P. @ AVN

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