Alisandra Monroe arrested after hiring a 17-year-old stripper.

Posted on March 29, 2009


Alisandra Monroe mugshot Alisandra Monroe Alex Monroe

Alisandra has also worked under the name Alex Monroe and has been in the adult industry for 15 years. She’s 33-years-old and currently married to a 20-year-old who was also arrested. They were both arrested last week and are now free on $50,000 bond and face up to ten years in prison.

Alisandra owns the West Virginia strip club and either she or her husband Brett hired the girl after the girl provided an ID showing her date of birth as May 1991. But Alisandra denies everything on her Myspace blog and blames everyone else around her:

    Friday, March 27, 2009

    club venus…legal issues…etc…

    As many of you know, i had a former dj that went to the abcc, the media, the newspaper, and other legal bodies to give false allegations that i allowed a 17 year old girl to work for me. i want to say, my husband and i are innocent. This girl used a fake ID when she came in with her 19 year old boyfriend. I have hired the best attorney in town. our lives have been devastated.

    my son was taken from me and is staying with his father. my income has been tremendously affected. we have been arrested and humiliated. We intend on proving our innocence. I hear that this was all done as a vindictive move because i supposedly got involved with his personal issues between him and him former girlfriend. Let me tell you that between going to school Monday thru Thursday, taking care of my son and home, running errands for my business and studying for my tests, i have no extra time to bother with other people’s personal problems.

    Whatever decisions they make are their own. I stayed out of it. The other person involved, was also being vindictive. He punched a man in my parking lot and because i dont tolerate violence in my establishment, i told him he couldnt come back. This is why all of this has come about. two pissed off immature kids. It makes me so angry that they can get away with all this. my child has been crying to come back home. he doesnt understand why he cant see or talk to me. My husband and i cant eat or sleep and my business has been torn apart.

    I would like to request the support from our loyal patrons and friends. If you come to the club and there is any information that you can offer that might help us please write a statement. We are praying every day and night and trying to believe that truth and justice will prevail. We are trying to stay positive.

    The bar is open and we do not serve liqour at this time. $15 cover and complimentary beer with a wide selection. Please show your support for us and spread the word. I will be performing this weekend and the girls are doing some big shows like oil wrestling, jello wrestling, bath, candle, and fire shows….we have increased the entertainment value. please keep me and my family in your prayers.

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