Update on Cassandra Calogera. She’s due in court later this month.

Posted on February 20, 2009


Cassandra Calogera upfate

A week ago it was revealed that Cassandra, Erik Everhard, and a cameraman were arrested in Los Angeles when filming an outdoor scene. They were all arrested because Cassandra was holding an empty BB gun. But in the end, Cassandra ended up being the only one charged.

I still don’t know why this wasn’t a bigger story and why press releases and reports weren’t sent out. Why the silence?

Thank you now to SJ for leaving this comment with a link back to Cassandra’s blog explaining what happened:

    sooo…i just got out of JAIL!!!!

    So yesterday…i was suppose to have my scene with erik everhard….i got there, got makeup done was lookin all nice and we shot all of our pretty girl pictures and then we were getting ready to start shooting video.

    for the scene they wanted me to dress up like a prisoner…so i was in a orange jumpsuit (very official looking) handcuffs, and ankle cuffs and of course a fake gun (b-b gun actually). then…they wanted me to run down the street for the intro shot so it looked like i was escaping from prison. soooo we found this bridge that was in a pretty deserted area…however it was an overpass so all the cars could see me. so we start filming the scene and its me running across the bridge in my cuffs and the gun…looking over my shoulder pretending like people are chasing me….so we do a few cuts of this and then we go back to the car…when we get to the car there is a police car pulling up behind us!!

    all of a sudden another cop comes running across the bridge and corners us. we all had to put our hands in the air…i threw the fake gun on the floor…lucky my ass didnt get shot! in the matter of 2 minutes 7 cop cars around there surrounded us….guns pulled and pointed at as. one by one we had to walk backwards towards to cops and get handcuffed…I WAS ALREADY HANDCUFFED haha so they took mine off and put their “official” police cuffs on me! so anyways they let the producer and camera man go but i got fucking arrested under the charge of “brandishing a imitation firearm” and then they took me off to the van nuys jail. i was there from 3:30pm until 1:30am….ugh i was soooo pissed. but luckily my agent and producer bailed me out and stayed at the jail all day! what sweethearts…i am so lucky to have a good agent and that i was shooting with a cool guy who is a genuine person.

    anyways so now i have to go to court later in february! hopefully my charge will get dropped but otherwise that charge can be punishable to NO LESS then 30 days in jail…so im hoping to hell i will just get a fine or maybe it will get dropped because all the people who worked in the jail were laughing…they were like HEY! are you naked under that jumpsuit!! haha cuz they all knew we were shooting a porn.

    anyways that was my drama for the week…UCK!



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