What happened to the police being called on Jules Jordan story?

Posted on February 16, 2009


Jules Jordan 2009 AVN Award winner


There was a story at AdultFYI about how Jules and his friends went to Empire Distributors to collect money that hadn’t been paid to them yet. The ‘Grand Vizier’ informed Gene Ross of this but now Gene has taken down the story. Thankfully I had saved the story!

Can’t you people hire lawyers and keep the police out of this?? Why invite the police into all of this making it worse for everyone involved legal wise? It’s like waving a flag to the authorities to come kick down your doors.

Reminds me of the Jeff Steward story I read where he went after someone with a baseball bat and trashed their office because he hadn’t been paid yet. I always wondered what the story was behind Jeff Steward and that infamous baseball bat. I thought it was some sick JM scene *cough* involving the bat. But later I read it was only about how he trashed someone’s office.

Well, here’s the story. And don’t anyone even think of contacting me to take it down! lol

    Jules Jordan Goon Squad Visits Empire Distributors; Cops Called

    –Gene Ross

    The Grand Vizier tells me: “The gang at Jules Jordan went over to the Roy Karch-owned [not the director] Empire Distributors yesterday to collect some money. They took three goons with them. Apparently the people at Empire called the police and Jules Jordan was unsuccessful in getting his money.”

    “I wonder how many other people went over there once you posted the story about Empire closing,” laughs The Vizier. “They weren’t opening the doors, and an e-mail went out today stating they would be issuing credit memos. In other words whatever goods are left on the shelves, they’re returning them. At least they’re being honorable.”

Picture Source: G.P. @ AVN

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