Shawna Lenee’s Opie & Anthony appearance update.

Posted on February 16, 2009


Shawna Lenee March 2009 Penthouse

Shawna Lenee March 2009 Penthouse2 Shawna Lenee March 2009 Penthouse3 Shawna Lenee March 2009 Penthouse4

Thank you to Frog for telling me about possible videos of Shawna’s appearance on Opie & Anthony. Via Bornyo at xxxPornTalk via Psychopath at

From what I’ve read because I didn’t hear the show, she was the one talking about her porn movies but then got upset at Opie & Anthony when they showed pictures of her taken from her porn movies. She then says she was there to promote her Penthouse cover. But she was the one who started most of the talk about porn. Here is a small video of her getting upset and she got up and left the studio saying they made her feal gross and dirty and it was unnecessary showing the pictures.

She has now made a response video to Opie & Anthony. She first starts off by saying she just shot for a coffee table book and it really shows her personality. She says the pictures are glamorous and sexy and not porno or anything. She says she does have regular photoshoots once in a while. She really hates porn, doesn’t she? The girl is a porn star but gets upset even though she was the one that started talking about her porn movies.

Then she gets into her Opie & Anthony appearance and thanks them for making her famous because she got more fans on Myspace and Facebook now. She then thinks she’s speaking for everyone by stating that everyone now hates Opie & Anthony. She says thank you for being assholes and for making me cry and for making me number 16 on Freeones. You’re assholes, you suck, and are pathetic scumbags. I hope you get kicked off the air sometime soon because you don’t deserve any airtime or any attention at all. You’ll never be Howard Stern because Howard Stern is a very nice guy and very caring. You guys are the most pathetic scumbags I have ever met in my life. So once again thank you for making me famous, I love you haters, and everyone is on my side. So HA Opie & Anthony. You can suck my clit.

So she hates them but loves the attention she got from their show?

Picture Source: Penthouse

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